3 Social Marketing Tips Businesses Should Follow

social mediaAccording to the Small Business Association, half of the American population owns or works for a small business and most of these companies continuously face issues when it comes to marketing. Below are three things that small business owners must follow in order to kick start or to brush up their marketing program:

  • Go to where customers socialize. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have proven that they are more than just a fad. With literally millions of people spending time online, establishing presence on these networks will definitely help a small business in gaining popularity as well as profit. Social media also offer brands a chance to listen to their customers as well as to engage with them which fosters brand loyalty.

  • Repurpose blog content. Blogging is useful for many businesses but some brand owners seem to be having trouble with figuring out what sort of content to publish. The answer to this conundrum is repurposing blog content. This can be done through transmuting them into different formats, refreshing old material, turn items form list-style blogs into full articles and vice versa, and coming up with one topic series.

  • Bank on content curation. Sharing content on social media is one of the best ways to start conversations with customers. Brands can watch large news sites, watch news aggregators, check the What’s Hot section or trends on Twitter and Google+, or create their own “go to” sources. Make a Google+ circle, Twitter list or Interest list on Facebook.

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