About Facebook’s Analytics Interface

Facebook AnalyticsFor brands that employ Facebook marketing strategies, understanding how the fan page is performing as well as how the demographic directed towards it interacts with the page. This is where Facebook Insights—an analytics tool dedicated to analyzing user-related activity on Facebook, comes in.

Facebook Insights boasts of its simple interface that allows users to view their needed metrics in graph form where they will be able to see the values that define the Facebook page’s performance for the month.

To view Insights, users only need to go to the admin panel of the Facebook page, and click on the See All link. From there, users will be redirected to the insights page where there are several tabs at the top including Overview, Likes, Reach, and Talking About This.

The Overview Tab shows a summary of Total Likes, Friends of Fans, People Talking About This, and Weekly total Reach from the past month.

The Likes tab shows information about the page’s demographic, where the likes the page garnered are from, as well as how many unlikes the page has received.

The Reach Tab shows detailed graphs about the page’s demographics including gender and age, countries cities, and languages, how the brand has reached people, the number of unique visitors the page has earned, total tab views, and external referrers.

Lastly, the Talking About This Tab shows the most active users with information about Page Likes, Stories from Your Posts, Mentions and Photos Tags, Posts by Others and Questions.

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