American Refugee Committee commits Facebook pledge for East African Refugee Crisis

Do you want to help solve the East African refugee crisis? Then all you have to do is Like the American Refugee Committee on Facebook.
The ARC has pledged $50,000 to famine relief efforts in Somalia once its “I Am a Star for Somalia” gets 50,000 impressions on the popular social media site.

The fan page was launched a year ago in response to the African famine that took the lives of around 30,000 children (according to United Nations).

According to ARC’s Somalia Coordinator Sheik-Abdi, the famine situation is nearly over, however, there are still tons of refugees who continue to flock to Mogadishu.

“It’s a really bad situation,” explained Sheik-Abdi. “There are families who are sleeping without food, and there are children who are sick and cannot get the proper treatment anywhere in Mogadishu.”

This year, ARC has already distributed more than 200 metric tons of food to Mogadishu. And, once released, the $50,000-fund will add to these donations. As this article was being written, ARC’s Facebook page has already collected 35,000 social engagements.

“To us, I think they represent the links between people around the world who are showing solidarity for Somalia,” said Daniel Wordsworth of ARC. “And I think it’s also a physical way that people can demonstrate their commitment but also a way for the people in Somalia to see people in Malaysia, Yemen, London, and Sweden coming together unified in helping Somalia get through this.”



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