Avoiding Youtube Termination

Youtube LogoThere are over 400 minutes of footage uploaded to Youtube every minute. This is why the people behind this website are constantly on the lookout for poor quality content from accounts belonging to scammers, spammers, and those looking for quick traffic and affiliate money. As a result, these accounts are terminated mostly for not complying with Youtube’s terms and conditions.

To avoid this penalty, the primary thing people must remember—especially those with accounts belonging to small businesses, is that top quality content should be king. Focus on giving valuable information to the audience.

Also, avoid using keywords that trigger suspicion from Youtube. Phrases like “Make Money Online” are perceived as junk content and so business owners must avoid using these in titles and descriptions.

Moreover, make sure that the viewers, friends, and subscribers of a channel or account are organic. Automated views simply do not work and do not produce any real results too. It can also get an account into trouble with Youtube.

Finally, avoid posting and using copyrighted material like music, video, and pictures. If needed, use royalty free materials that are considered to be “safe content”.

Youtube is a great platform for small businesses to prosper. It only takes a few precautions to ensure that an account does not get terminated.

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Posted on by Alan Palasco in SEO

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