Best Content Curation Tools

SMMMore brand owners are realizing the value provided by great content to their social media marketing strategies. Buzz-worthy content fosters conversations and engagement within a brand-dedicated community which aids in a company’s presences on social networks. In addition, it also helps in getting and retaining the attention of customers.

Before any company can share quality content to its audience, it must first find, group, and organize relevant information through curation. Here are some of the best content curation tools that will help any business:

  • . This tool allows users to curate media revolving around a specific topic and then share it to their blog or social networks.
  • This tools is reminiscent of a scrapbook and unlike most curation tools that rely heavily on automation, users have to copy and paste elements of the discovery engine to create their story.
  • This is a discovery engine that allows users to type in keywords and the site searches for authority articles from around the web. Click on “Share” and a shortened URL will be provided which can be scheduled through Buffer of Hootsuite to share on social networks.
  • Pinterest. This online pin board allows users to acquire content about several topics from various sources around the web. Users can create a board with a specific theme.

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