Other options for SEO — social media and press releases

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A search engine optimization campaign is vital to the success of an online business. However, not all companies are trained for SEO and some can’t even afford to outsource the entire service. A good option for these start-up companies is to focus on SEO for press release distribution and social media.

Press release distributors offer you unprecedented exposure, guaranteeing that your content will be read and circulated around the web. Social media, on the other hand, requires very little capital, but its returns can be very lucrative. Investing in profiles for Facebook and Twitter can go a long way for consumer conversion and SEO.

Another great thing about press release distributors is that they can index your site to Google News. Since news content is a rising trend in cyberspace, making it a relevant place to invest marketing efforts.

Online companies can also invest in other content hubs, like YouTube and Vimeo.

Facebook integrates trending news section

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Facebook has integrated a trending news feature in its user feeds. The new feature will give internet marketers the chance to expose their content to a wider range of Facebook users.

The feature is based on user activity. Facebook will insert frequently used content items depending on trends and user preferences. To increase interest, each user can view which of his/her Facebook friends viewed the content item.

Brands using search engine optimization campaigns can take advantage of this as it can drive traffic to their content, raising their rankings on the search engine results pages.

As Facebook continues to integrate new features, it will become a stronger social media marketing tool—making it even more attractive to online businesses.

Google wants SEO to prioritize user experience

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With the integration of a new search algorithm, Google continues to hammer one message to search engine optimization campaigns: focus on high-quality content!

The biggest search engine in the world has installed a new algorithm that targets webspam. According to Google reps, it will prevent sites from “gaming” their search engine. Instead, sites need to focus on improving user experience to gain ground in search engine results pages.

Matt Cutts, one of the leading developers in Google, specifically said that the new algorithm will target keyword stuffing and link farming. These sneaky SEO tactics will now be met with appropriate penalties in their rankings.

Cutts also mentioned that relevance will play a central role in Google’s search functions. The company wants user-conducted searches to result in relevant topics. This will hurt SEO campaigns that have tried to manipulate the system in their favor.

Keywords have always been essential parts of content marketing campaigns, and it still is. However, Google has placed safeguards to make sure that the system isn’t open to abuse.

In the past, overly optimized sites dominated the rankings. But with the help of the new algorithm, user experience-focused sites will get a boost in the rankings.

The new algorithm will definitely have a positive effect for users and browsers. However, it may get mixed reviews from SEO campaigners.

Facebook Social Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

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There’s no denying that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective marketing strategy for many successful brands. Nowadays, businesses are in at least one social network where they can put their online marketing plans to action. Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites for marketing and as such, there are things to remember when using it for SMM.

Do Be Present. Update your brand’s Facebook page regularly. Don’t be absent for too long or else your clients will eventually lose interest in your brand.

Do Provide Valuable Content. Don’t fill your page with information that can be found in ordinary catalogs. Keep your posts varied and valuable. Provide information exclusive to your brand other than advertisements because your facebook page is a big ad in itself.

Don’t Spam People. While facebook provides a way for you to advertise and market your brand, you shouldn’t say the same things over and over again. You might also get banned from doing so.

Don’t be shy but don’t be tacky either. Facebook allows you to create a fan page so take the opportunity to tell your clients to like your page. But do this properly or else you’ll look tacky and unprofessional.

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