BMW banks on visuals for social media marketing

BMW Social MediaBrands and companies that are interested in social media marketing need only look at international brands to learn how to leverage the platform. While smaller companies may not be able to match the budgets of big ones, they can still emulate the social media efforts of international brands.

Case and point: BMW. The popular auto manufacturer has built a strong foundation of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  According to a recent study, BMW’s Facebook account generates a staggering 50,000 Likes per post.

BMW’s Facebook page is focused on visuals. It provides stunning pictures of its vehicle line. But the brand also provides avenues of engagement through Facebook apps. Its plug-ins let fans and followers view the numerous features of different BMW cars. They can also customize the vehicles by changing colors as well as other elements.

While creating an app may not be an option for smaller brands, they can still invest in campaigns that promote engagement.

Source: Brafton

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