British judge warns of the perils of social media and disclosure

Brian Leveson, a Lord Justice of Appeal of England and Wales, raised interesting issues regarding disclosure and social media while speaking in a seminar in Sydney, Australia.

Leveson, who recently led an investigation into a newspaper phone-hacking scandal in Britain, warned the audience about the privacy risks of social media. He says that most people who upload pictures and post messages are unaware that these items may have lifelong consequences.

“Children and the young do not appreciate that uploading a compromising photograph for a laugh can have consequences for the long-term future, because once the photograph is in the public domain, it can be found, copied and reproduced, all, again, at the click of the mouse,” explained Leveson.

Once released on social media sites, duplicated sensitive content is nearly impossible to recover. As described by Leveson, content that names and shames individuals result to permanent and inappropriate harm.

Leveson comes at an appropriate time as he recently oversaw a phone-hacking scandal in Britain.


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