Campaign Marketing and Viral Content

Viral ContentCreating viral content suitable for campaign marketing can be very tricky. Most viral content available in most social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter happened by only by chance because of the following reasons:

  • It is funny
  • It is incredible/unbelievable
  • It appeals to people’s emotions
  • It reflects people’s opinions on certain issues
  • It is though provoking
  • It isn’t covered by main stream media
  • It is embarrassing
  • It is risqué

Essentially, viral content can be characterized as share worthy and has been widely spread across people’s social networks. For this to be realized, content creators must come up with content that are not only informative and interesting but are also functional, structured well, and have integrity.

Content that has the potential to go viral in people’s social networks and to be effective social media marketing tools include the following:

  1. Articles and blog posts. Information presented in text form can still attract the attention of a brand’s target audience. Information must be accurately and interestingly presented.
  2. Lists of different topics. People like looking up lists related to their interests. This may be anything from 101 ways to setup a party or 3 ways to gain more Twitter followers.
  3. Infographics. These make information easier to digest since images are combined with text to get messages across the audience.
  4. Interactive content. This includes games, quizzes, and widgets that are meant to be shared.
  5. Video and/pr audio. This includes webcasts and podcasts that people may find funny, intriguing, thought provoking, etc.

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