Marketing company recommends non-invasive social media campaigns

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The Direct Marketing Association recommends mobile-targeted social media marketing campaigns to avoid anything that can be deemed invasive to users.

In a poll conducted by DMA, 60% of the respondents claimed that they regularly access social media apps through their mobile handsets while 35% said that they didn’t want to see any brand presence on these applications.

While many people access social media content on their smartphones, they generally don’t want brands to interrupt their experience when they’re on the go. Experts say that people get frustrated when they receive alerts on their mobile.

For brands, social media marketing on mobile means avoiding excessive posts, which could potentially lead to a reduction of followers and subscribers.

As more and more people access the internet through their smartphones, consumer behavior in the platform will continue to change. Advertising brands are likely to continue to change approaches for the next few years.

Microsoft introduces new social network

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Microsoft is launching its own social network, So.cl

With Facebook continuing its dominance in the platform and Google+ making constant improvements, it would be difficult to understand why Microsoft would like to join this race.

According to a statement, the site is a social-search tool that can be used for sharing info and meeting people with similar interests. Reps from Microsoft were quick to point out that the site isn’t meant to compete with Facebook.

“So.cl is an experimental research project focused on the future of social experiences and learning, especially among younger people,” said a statement from the popular software company.

Actually, the tool was launched last year for selected colleges and universities. Last week, the company quietly made it public for a beta test.

The site has numerous features, including the “bookmarklet”—which is similar to Facebook’s “Like” button. It also has a Video Party feature that allows subscribers to incorporate chat and videos.

Is Facebook ready for Wall Street?

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Facebook made its debut on Wall Street last Friday after a much-talked about initial public offering build-up. However, the lackluster trader response has raised questions about the social media’s profitability as an investment.

While Facebook recorded slight gains, other social media sites were dragged down. For instance, Zynga—the gaming site—saw its stock plummet by around 13 percent.

Experts say that traders were a bit surprised with the low-growth numbers that Facebook showed. However, Facebook reps say that the company is confident about the move and will continue to pursue growth on Wall Street.

Shortly after the market closed, the social media site made its first acquisition as a publicly traded company by purchasing Karma Science, a mobile gift-giving service.

Experts predict that the acquisition will be the first of many as Facebook tries to integrate more services to improve its user experience and raise its stock value.

GM drops Facebook ads

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General Motors, the automotive manufacturer, says that it will stop advertising on Facebook despite social networking sites going public.

According to reports, GM is dropping its ad efforts on Facebook because the company isn’t satisfied with its impact on consumers.

For most cases, Facebook provides the perfect marketing platform for companies. But GM’s experience proves that the social media marketing scene isn’t full proof. This means that ad campaigns in the medium need to be studied and carefully crafted to ensure success.

Facebook, which will soon be trading on NASDAQ, has raised its IPO price range—increasing its valuation at an incredible rate.

According to GM reps, the company will still maintain its Facebook pages—which cost nothing to maintain. However, paid ad arrangements with the social media site will have to wait.

The company also mentioned that it plans to continue posting content online to aggressively engage its potential customers.

Social media is the next big thing in marketing

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Social media is becoming a strong platform for marketing and public relations.

According to recent studies, the metrics of the platform are constantly becoming more useful. With new applications, marketers can easily analyze consumer demographics and online behavior. The availability of these tools has strengthened the impact of online marketing campaigns.

As a result, the social media scene has created thousands of new job opportunities. Companies are now hiring personnel to manage and create online social media campaigns.

Based on studies, social media accounts for around 7% of the marketing budgets of American companies. The significant increase in budget allotments represents new career options in the social marketing field. Individuals with education about computers and the internet are currently in high demand.

According to reports, social media campaigns are highly recommended for businesses, especially for companies in the tech sector. Experts predict that this will be sustained in the upcoming years, outlining a bright future for the platform.

The effects of social media on children and family life

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While social media sites continue to strengthen their stocks, experts are debating their effects on children and family life.

In a report from AFP, Jim Steyer—the founder of Common Sense Media—said that social media can have an “enormous impact” on youngsters, families, and schools.

“We need to have a big national, if not global conversation about the pros and cons of that,” suggested Steyer.

While Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus offer good prospects for education, they can also affect a young person’s emotional and cogitative development.

Regardless of what parents may think, many children are spending more and more time on social media sites. Statistically, some kids in the United States spend as much as eight hours a day online.

Steyer identified some of the threats that children are exposed to online: addictions, relationships, and online pornography.

Experts strongly recommend that parents monitor their children’s use of the internet to avoid bad influences.

While parents face new responsibilities with the digital age, Steyer also mentioned that website creators have a responsibility to make sure their content is shown to the right people.

Advertising in Facebook the Easy Way

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Facebook advertising is an effective way to promote a business. With modern advertising being open to non-traditional ways of marketing businesses, building relationships with and connecting with clients has become simpler. With the use of Facebook, businesses are able to penetrate even the personal networks of their clients.

Advertising on Facebook requires careful identification of target clientele. Setup standards so that it would be easier to decide what kind of content shall be put up on the page. Having a clear grasp of for whom the advertisements will be would help in generating the right traffic that the brand needs.

Granted that the business already has a valid email account and a Facebook page has been setup for the purpose of marketing, the top priority will be creating a compelling and quality Facebook page. Put the brand’s logo to good use and install it as a display picture for an instant advertisement the clients can easily identify. Provide information about products, services and special offers and promotions through posting statuses or through putting up photos of digital posters.

Post exclusive information from the brand on Facebook and answer the queries of the clients. Communicate with clients as often as possible to be able to build a relationship with them. Feel free to promote products and services and ask customers to share these with their friends. But most importantly, don’t post the same things over and over again. Avoid wasting clients’ time with spam. As much as possible, generate fresh content as often as possible.

Facebook to add a pay-for-popularity feature

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According to reports, Facebook is considering charging subscribers for highlighting their posts on the popular social media site.

Reports from New Zealand say that a user was offered the option to “Highlight” his status post for a $2-fee. When questioned about the issue, a representative from Facebook confirmed that that the site is running a trial of the paid version of highlighting.

Subscribers that were included in the trial were presented with Highlight posting options. They could choose to pay for the option through PayPal or credit card.

With over 800 million users, the proposed pay-for-popularity option can become a new and lucrative source of revenue for the site.

Bing integrates social to search

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Microsoft is reinventing its search function to include items from Facebook and other social media platforms.

The integration to Bing includes a new sidebar, which contains functions that allow users to connect with their friends and other contacts. The new service can be accessed at the right-hand side of the search engine results pages.

According to its makers, the new features are based on the fact that people often consult friends and experts before making decisions.

For each search query, Bing will suggest friends and contacts from various social media sites that might know about the topic. For Facebook, the recommended users will be based on what content they “Like.” There will also be recommendations from Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Microsoft says that the new Bing features will be rolling out in the coming days.

Kit Kat gives you a break from social media activities

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Kit Kat is famous for its slogan: “give me a break.” Now, the chocolate bar is taking its catchphrase to the social media platform.

According to Kit Kat’s site, a portion of the 19-to-26 year old demographic in China, Singapore, and the United States is having problems maintaining their social media profiles. Specifically, these browsers say that they feel pressured to maintain constant communication with their contacts through numerous social media platforms. Furthermore, they feel guilty when they fail to respond to direct messages from their friends.

To solve this problem, Kit Kat is introducing a new widget, Social Break. With the widget in place, users will have an easier time maintaining and updating their files on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. It performs different tasks for each social media site.

Experts anticipate the Kit Kat Social Break widget to be welcomed with open arms by their target demographics. If it succeeds, the chocolate bar brand intends to expand the widget’s functions and its market.