Drake outpaces Kanye West and Jay-Z in the world of social media

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Drake in Social MediaIn the past year, Drake has outpaced Kanye West and Jay-Z in terms of generating social media buzz.

With Kanye West and Jay-Z releasing new albums, many said that the two would be the ones slugging it out for the throne of hip-hop and rap. However, the two are distant runner-ups to Drake in the world of social media.

Based on a study from Networked Insights, Drake scored more social conversations than Kanye West and Jay-Z across Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and forums.

According to ranking, the six rappers dominating social media are: Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and 2Chainz.

Networked Insights also analyzed more than 50-million social media conversations relating to Magna Carta and Yeezus. The former generated 5.7-million conversations leading up to its release, while the latter had 4.2-million.

For more information on the study, please visit USAToday.

Best Practices for Writing Facebook Contest Rules

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FacebookRunning contests on Facebook generates buzz around a brand. Moreover, it not only gets people talking but it also has the potential to generate leads which are great for getting new customers and eventually raising profits.

Facebook has outlined its own guidelines for holding contests using their platform. However, there are certain best practices that brand owners need to remember alongside Facebook’s regulations. This includes:

  1. Be aware of local, state, national, or international laws when it comes to giving away prizes to customers.
  2. State upfront that the company bearing the brand is the one sponsoring the contest and not Facebook. In addition, explain that by joining the contest, the participants are willing to abide by the brand’s rules and regulations.
  3. Clearly specify who are eligible to join the contest.
  4. Specify the contest period. This includes the entry period, the time that the contest will begin and end, as well as when the winners will be selected and announced. Also include dates for entry and voting for contests that require the public to vote for a photo, video, and similar media.
  5. Be specific on how fans can enter the competition.
  6. Specify the prizes to be won as well as how they will be distributed to the winners.
  7. Specify limitation such as disclaimers stating that the sponsor of the contest has the right to adjust or cease the competition at any time or that the sponsor has the right to investigate possible cheating or tampering prior to determining the winner.

Zynga to launch real-money gambling apps on Facebook

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Zynga Social MediaSpeculators say that Zynga—the online gaming site—intends to bring real-money gambling apps to Facebook.

Reports indicate that ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino apps will soon be available in the United Kingdom. Initially, these apps will only be available to desktop computers with mobile access to follow.

“This is just business as usual for them,” said a Facebook representative to CNET. “What you’re likely hearing about are additional games Zynga is adding to their existing real money gaming ecosystem in the U.K.”

In April, Zynga launched its gambling sites in the UK. It currently has 160 games where players can gamble with real money. They were designed by Zynga with the help of Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment.

Zynga plans to bring the same gambling games available to people in the United States.

Source: CNET

Why are people addicted to social media?

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Social Media AddictsWhy are people so fond of social media? Some social media users can even be classified as addicts to the online platform. Based on a new study from MyLife.com, the main reason for constant social media use is the fear of missing out.

According to the research, nearly 60% of people are afraid of missing events, news, and other status updates when they aren’t logged in to their social media profiles.

Twenty-six percent of the survey participants even said that they would trade other habits, like smoking and watching television, for access to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The study also indicated that majority of social media subscribers have increased their login frequencies in the past two years. And most of these logins also take place in the morning.

Also, people are beginning to setup more than just one social media account. More than 40% of the participants say that they have multiple accounts. Most of the multiple account holders are in the 18-34 age demographic.

Source: Mashable

Democrats compete for fans, followers, and subscribers in the House of Democrats’ Online All-Star Competition

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House of Democrats Online All-Star CompetitionDemocrats are using social media to interact with their constituents.

On Monday, the House of Democrats’ Online All-Star Competition kicked off. The competition encourages online engagement between Democrats and their constituents.

During the three-week period, Democrats will slug it out to find followers on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The winner is determined by the total number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers that were acquired by the competitors during the contest.

The top 50 competitors will be named Online All-Stars, while the top spot will be crowned MVP. Winners will be given a virtual badge for their website.

Each competitor will launch various types of social media campaigns to gain followers, fans, and subscribers. They will be posting content, videos, and many more to attract new contacts.

Source: www.usnews.com

Filter Fakers catch photo fakes on Instagram

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Filter FakersWith today’s photo-editing technologies, smartphone users can easily pose as professional photographers. Moreover, some fakers take it to the next level—captioning their pictures with the hashtag “nofilter” (despite being filtered) on Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. But their days are numbered.

The website FilterFakers.com aims to catch Instagram users in the fraudulent #nofilter act.

A project of Oskar Sundberg and Per Stenius, Filter Fakers catalogs #nofilter photos and determines whether the images are genuine or not. The site will then identify the type of filter that was used and provide a link to the uploader’s profile.

Filter Fakers also encourages people to report posts that they find suspicious despite being tagged #nofilter. Currently, the site can only track filters on Instagram and a limited number of other photo apps.

Lesson: don’t tag a picture with #nofilter when you actually used one. That’s simple enough.

Source: ABCNews

Windows Phone loses Facebook and Flickr photo feature

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Windows PhoneOne of the top-selling points of the Windows Phone is its photo integration with Facebook and Flickr. However, the company appears to have removed this feature.

While the phone’s picture editing features have been greatly improved, it has removed its drop and storage options for Facebook and Flickr.

According to a Microsoft rep, the photo integration with Facebook and Flickr were initially released because of the shortage of apps for the platform. The spokesperson explained, “Now there are many apps in the store that offer ways to view photos on other services. We’re confident Facebook will offer great ways to view and engage socially with photos on Facebook. We welcome Flickr to do the same.”

So far, the reception for the removal of the integration has been met by disappointment from users. Still, Facebook recently mentioned that it’s committed to creating an app for Windows 8.

Source: The Verge

Email trumps social media as a marketing platform, according to new study

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Email MarketingIn the past few years, social media marketing has surged. And for good reason: more and more people are flocking to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Still, a new study suggests that social media may not be the best internet marketing platform.

A new study from Custora found that e-mail is still the best way to reach online customers and markets. According to the study, customer acquisition via email has increased by 400% in the last four years.

“Email marketing has been a growing trend in e-commerce, with an increasing number of retailers building communities and collecting email addresses, then converting those ‘members’ into customers,” said the study. “Organic search continues to grow as a reliable channel, (accounting for nearly 16% of customers acquired) reinforcing efforts to complement products with relevant and informative editorial content along with investing in search engine marketing.”

In addition to that, email also recorded better customer lifetime value compared to social media.

The study was based on a sample size of 72-million customers from 86 retailers across 14 industries in the United States.

Source: smartplanet

3 Social Marketing Tips Businesses Should Follow

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social mediaAccording to the Small Business Association, half of the American population owns or works for a small business and most of these companies continuously face issues when it comes to marketing. Below are three things that small business owners must follow in order to kick start or to brush up their marketing program:

  • Go to where customers socialize. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have proven that they are more than just a fad. With literally millions of people spending time online, establishing presence on these networks will definitely help a small business in gaining popularity as well as profit. Social media also offer brands a chance to listen to their customers as well as to engage with them which fosters brand loyalty.

  • Repurpose blog content. Blogging is useful for many businesses but some brand owners seem to be having trouble with figuring out what sort of content to publish. The answer to this conundrum is repurposing blog content. This can be done through transmuting them into different formats, refreshing old material, turn items form list-style blogs into full articles and vice versa, and coming up with one topic series.

  • Bank on content curation. Sharing content on social media is one of the best ways to start conversations with customers. Brands can watch large news sites, watch news aggregators, check the What’s Hot section or trends on Twitter and Google+, or create their own “go to” sources. Make a Google+ circle, Twitter list or Interest list on Facebook.

Tips to avoid getting hacked on social media

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Social Media SecurityWhat do McDonald’s and Jeep have in common? Apart from being high-profile brands, they also have online social media profiles. And both of them have been recently hacked!

Whenever brand pages become hacked, it becomes a big problem in terms of online reputation management. Hackers tend to post inappropriate messages to thousands of fans on social media.

Recently, an article from TIME revealed simple ways to avoid being hacked on social media:

•    Create a tough password. Also, create an official username and a password that will be used by everyone that needs access. Managers should not be able to select their own passwords and usernames.
•    Consolidate all social media accounts into one system that lets you publish items for all sites
•    Provide basic social media training for employees, specially on security and compliance issues

For more information, please visit TIME.