Why do we love Social Media?

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Researchers from Harvard have discovered why people become addicted to social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

According to researchers, the act of sharing information about oneself is equivalent to the pleasure people get from eating food, receiving money, and having sex. The level of satisfaction varies from person to person, but it’s presence is indisputable.

Based on statistics, around 80% of all posts on social media sites contain announcements about personal experiences, reinforcing the researcher’s theories.

Diana Tamir, the lead researcher, and Jason P. Mitchell—a co-author—designed a series of experiments that measured the reward response that people get when they talk about themselves. Participants of the study were hooked to machines that monitored their brain activity throughout the experiment.

The findings indicated that people’s brains were strongly engaged when they were talking about themselves, and less engaged when topics turned to something or someone else.

“I think the study helps to explain why people utilize social media websites so often,” explained Tamir. “I think it helps explain why Twitter exists and why Facebook is so popular, because people enjoy sharing information about each other.”

Promoting Businesses with Social Media Networking

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Ranking first in major search engines is fast becoming a major goal for many business dedicated websites. With stiff competition present all over the internet, it’s becoming tougher and tougher to generate profit that’s why business owners are constantly seeking unique ways to market their  business.

Social Media has proven itself to be an important tool for marketing any business online.  The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, and even Myspace are outstanding platforms to perform marketing strategies because of the number of people that use them. These sites make it easier for businesses to establish relationships with their target clientele. Most importantly, it provides an avenue to give information regarding the products and services that are being offered by the company without the hassle of traditional marketing strategies.

The primary thing a business has to understand about Social Media Marketing is that being in one social networking site may not be enough. It is important to utilize as much social networks as one can to further extend the reach of the business with respect to its target clients. Setup accounts in at least three social networking sites and make it a point to interact with the users.

Establishing a business’ presence in social networking sites for the purpose of marketing it requires maintenance. Regular updating of accounts is a must. Provide valuable information about products and services that wouldn’t be normally found on ordinary catalogs and traditional ads. Don’t be afraid to advertise but don’t spam users either.

What happens to your Facebook page when you die?

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Inheritance and Facebook are two words that are rarely mentioned in one sentence. But now, users can consider what happens to their Facebook profile upon their demise. Subscribers can now officially pass inheritance of their social media site to an online executor, who will be tasked to act in their behalf.

Interested subscribers can take their cue from the US government, which is recommending the creation of a social media will for all Facebook users for estate planning.

“If you have social media profiles set up online, you should create a statement of how you would like your online identity to be handled,” advised the US government blog. “Just like a traditional will helps your survivors handle your physical belongings, a social media will spells out how you want your online identity to be handled.”

Similar to traditional wills, a person will have to assign an executor, who’ll have access to all the necessary accounts to access your Facebook page.

While the arrangement is legal, its execution can be difficult, according to some lawyers. First, the discretion of your private information can easily be mishandled in this format. Rather than arranging it with contracts, some legal advisers recommend that the user do so through informal arrangements to protect privacy.

Updating the account is an issue, as well. On average, most people barely have enough time to update their social media accounts on a daily basis. Handling another account will definitely fall down in their priority list.

All these issues aside, the integration of Facebook to such an intimate part of life represents how far social media has evolved. It’s only fitting: first, it became a part of our life, and—now—it’ll be part of our death.

Increasing Business Revenues through Facebook and Twitter

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Some business owners nowadays still underrate the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing (SMM), not knowing that when proper strategies are employed, social networking sites can be one of their biggest assets in the aspect of marketing their business! There are two social media sites that can help businesses maximize the results of their marketing campaign–Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook marketing, just like most forms of SMM relies on the user’s tendency to share information to their own social networks. This makes promoting a business easier. Through Facebook, a business can post advertisements as well as information on the products and services offered by the company and its clientele can potentially spread these to their Facebook contacts. It is similar to the word-of-mouth concept in advertising.

Twitter marketing works the same way as advertising on Facebook does, in as much as a company can share valuable content about its products and services not to mention special promotions and offers to its clientele at a much quicker pace. Moreover, Twitter is a great platform in which to answer queries from your clients.

Marketing a business through Facebook and Twitter would be futile without proper maintenance. It is important to establish your presence in these sites for this form of advertising to work. Regular updates should be made so that clients will not lose interest in the business.

It is also important to communicate with the clients. Twitter and Facebook acts as a direct link between the clientele and the brand as opposed to email and phone calls. It is vital to establish a relationship with clients and to respond to their questions. Facebook and Twitter can also be used to create promotions and special offers to the clients through games and contests.

If one finds social media marketing to be too tedious, there is always the option of hiring experts in this field.

Facebook – Necessary for Internet Marketing

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Why is it important for a brand to have a Facebook page? Simple, the social media site has millions of subscribers. That’s customer exposure you can’t get anywhere else online.

The social media giant recently announced that it surpassed the 900-million subscriber mark. According to the company, it marks a 33 percent increase compared to its subscribers during March last year.

In the United States, more than 120 million people open the site daily, making the platform a ripe place to integrate brand advertisements.

On top of that, Facebook announced that a large portion of its revenue is generated by user content, which is good news for brands who want to build consumer interaction through the social media site.

Facebook integrates trending news section

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Facebook has integrated a trending news feature in its user feeds. The new feature will give internet marketers the chance to expose their content to a wider range of Facebook users.

The feature is based on user activity. Facebook will insert frequently used content items depending on trends and user preferences. To increase interest, each user can view which of his/her Facebook friends viewed the content item.

Brands using search engine optimization campaigns can take advantage of this as it can drive traffic to their content, raising their rankings on the search engine results pages.

As Facebook continues to integrate new features, it will become a stronger social media marketing tool—making it even more attractive to online businesses.

Facebook Social Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

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There’s no denying that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective marketing strategy for many successful brands. Nowadays, businesses are in at least one social network where they can put their online marketing plans to action. Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking sites for marketing and as such, there are things to remember when using it for SMM.

Do Be Present. Update your brand’s Facebook page regularly. Don’t be absent for too long or else your clients will eventually lose interest in your brand.

Do Provide Valuable Content. Don’t fill your page with information that can be found in ordinary catalogs. Keep your posts varied and valuable. Provide information exclusive to your brand other than advertisements because your facebook page is a big ad in itself.

Don’t Spam People. While facebook provides a way for you to advertise and market your brand, you shouldn’t say the same things over and over again. You might also get banned from doing so.

Don’t be shy but don’t be tacky either. Facebook allows you to create a fan page so take the opportunity to tell your clients to like your page. But do this properly or else you’ll look tacky and unprofessional.

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