Social Media: Quantity vs. Quality

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Social Media MarketingEstablishing online presence has increased its importance nowadays given that most customers are spending a lot of their time online especially on social networks. Recent statistics show that internet users spend 22.5 percent of their time on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like while online.

This paradigm shift has lead brands to setup accounts on every social networking site imaginable without even realizing why they have to do this. According to a recent study, up to 25 percent of small to medium-sized businesses do not have a social media strategy. Moreover, 30 percent of companies respond to feedback from social media, 26 percent include a call to action in their tweets, 56 percent of customer tweets are ignored, and up to 39 percent of companies do not track their social media responses.

Using social media has to be proactive for it to be beneficial for businesses. Even if a brand has an account on all of the social networks available today and it has millions of followers, if there is no interaction and if they do not amp up the quality of their posts and customer service, all of their efforts will be futile.

Quality always trumps quantity. Companies need not have multitudes of accounts to create buzz online. Sometimes, utilizing just a couple of sites is enough as long as one realizes their true value and uses them properly. Focus on sharing the right kind of content and on building communities instead of blindly amassing followers that do not even share the same passion that the company has.

Defining Social Media Goals

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social mediaWith the pervasiveness of using social media for marketing brands, some business owners lose track of how to effectively use these channels to benefit their company. A common mistake that people make is failing to define their goals on social media prior to rolling out their marketing campaigns.

Ideally, brands need to first identify what their purpose is for being in a certain network. They must also be able to figure out how activities on Facebook, Twitter, or their blog can support the general vision they have for their business endeavor.

Basically, there are three goals that businesses must pursue for successful social media marketing. This includes increasing brand awareness and expanding a company’s reach, building consumer loyalty through increased engagement and customer service, and increasing sales through repeated transactions.

Brand owners need to lay out plans that will ensure that these goals are met at the end of the day. Whether they pick only one goal or go the distance and try to achieve all three, the key is to streamline their processes in order to achieve these aims in the future. Businesses need to anchor their actions on these goals from curating content, to developing posting schedule, to engaging with customers, down to responding to queries.

Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares become real!

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Gordon RamsayWhen Gordon Ramsay gives up on your restaurant, it could never be good for business. But “Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro” couldn’t care any less about what the celebrity chef thinks or does.

The restaurant was recently featured in an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” where Ramsay helps reform struggling restaurants. In the episode, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo—the owners of the bakery and bistro—were seen screaming at customers, stealing server tips, and, basically, doing everything restaurant owners shouldn’t be doing.

To top it off, the owners of the Arizona-based restaurant, made clear what they thought about their social media critics on Facebook.


Eventually, the duo said that the restaurant’s account was hacked and they did not upload such a message.

In any case, the post will be forever remembered as a classic social media meltdown.

Source: www.boingboing.com

NBA televises its Social Media Awards

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NBA Social MediaNBA TV will be televising the second annual NBA Social Media Awards presented by SAP.

The event recognizes NBA players, teams, and fans for their engagement on social media throughout the 2012-2013 regular season. It will take place on Wednesday, June 12.

Former All-Star Chris Webber will host the show along with contributions and special appearances from other players and celebrities.

The NBA Social Media Awards presented by SAP will be divided into many categories, spanning Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. New categories include #Trendsetter Award, The 140 Award, and the Social Rook of the Year Award.

Fans can vote for the winners until the end of the month at nba.com/sma.

The NBA has been a leader in integrating social media to its overall fan experience. It was the first professional league to surpass one-billion video views in its YouTube channel. And the league continues to break boundaries in the platform.

Source: NBA.com

One in every three Thais use social media

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Social Media UsersMore than 33% of Thais use social media.

Based on a study from ZocialRank.com, more than one in every three Thais (aged 10-years-old and above) have social media accounts. In fact, Thailand accounts for around 18-million profiles on Facebook.

Moreover, the infographic said that 25 million Thais use the internet.

Experts attribute the spike in Thailand’s social media subscribers to the propagation of mobile phones with internet access. During the past year, membership for Instagram grew by more than 160-percent. In Thailand, the photo-sharing site’s membership count is at 600,000.

Overall, however, Facebook is still the most dominant social media site in Thailand.

During the study, ZocialRank.com gathered data from the most popular social media sites—including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For more information, visit the original article here.

Mother’s Day on social media

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Facebook Mothers DayHow are you planning to greet your mother on Mother’s Day?

According to a survey from Skype, 13% of Facebook users plan to greet their mothers on the social network. Of this group, 17% are 18 to 24 years old. Still, statistics indicate that actual greetings are still the most popular ones. Among the 1,200 respondents, more than 60% said they are planning to visit their moms while 34% say they would call them.

Based on the figures, teenagers in the United States are the most likely to connect with their mothers on Facebook while people in their 20s are less likely to initiate the same connection.

Skype, the internet call platform, sees a surge in paid calls to landlines during Mother’s Day.

On the other side of things, parents often use social media to share how they feel about their children.

While social media may not be a conventional way to keep in touch with your parents, it’s much better than no connection at all.

For more, please visit USA Today

Is Facebook trying to buy Waze?

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WazeAccording to reports, Facebook is on the brink of making another billion-dollar acquisition to boost its mobile efforts.

Sources say that the popular social media site has approached Waze, the social mapping and traffic application, and is currently in the finalization stages of a purchase that is valued at $800-million to $1-billion. Based on reports, the negotiations started six months ago.

Unofficial channels say that the deal is on the last steps of negotiation. Speculators say that the only issue left unresolved is whether to keep Waze in Israel or take it to the United States.

Regardless of the rumors, both companies have not confirmed anything about the prospective deal. In fact, representatives from both camps have refused to comment on the topic.

Source: TechCrunch

American Airlines partners with Klout for Admiral’s Club promo

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KloutFor the longest time, airline lounges were exclusive to the elite. However, it’ll soon open its audience to a new demographic: social media users!

American Airlines has recently launched a new promotion that grants access to its lounge, the Admiral’s Club. The promotion will give a free pass for people who are influential in social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. The company is working with Klout, the social media influence measurer, to assess who qualifies for the promo.

Interested individuals need only log into the American Airlines site with Klout. The most influential browser will win an annual pass to the Admiral’s Club, which offers free wireless internet as well as complimentary drinks and snacks.

However, travelers with a Klout Score of 55 and above are automatically granted a one-day pass to the airlines’ luxurious lounges—which are located in nearly 40 airports.

American Airlines’ partnership with Klout is a logical one. Pleasing customers with strong social media influence would obviously be great for marketing. And American Airlines isn’t the first company to try this arrangement. Hotels and restaurants have already adapted similar policies and promos.

However, granting special treatment to people who have managed to amass huge Twitter and Facebook followers does raise some eye brows. After all, how would customers feel like if their worth is based on their internet popularity?

Still, Klout opens plenty of online marketing opportunities for brands and marketers.

Source: DailyFinance

Listening to Customers through Social Media

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SMMSocial media is such a great tool for engaging with a brand’s customer base. Aside from being a platform for marketing a company’s products and services, it is also an excellent channel for hearing out what consumers are saying about and what they need from a company.

Below are some tips for effective social listening:

  • Engage with customers through holding polls or starting conversations. From this, brands can gather information from their fans and start answering their questions. Always be ready to respond to customer queries.
  • Avoid collecting personal information since this feels invasive for consumers.
  • Let consumers know when a brand is available on social media.
  • Be sure that customers can easily find the business online. Utilize various platforms when possible.
  • Utilize the full potential of video through telling the company’s story and through showing its products. Be sure to post this on Youtube so that customers will get the chance to talk about the company.
  • Where possible, skip location-related service. This opens the doors for more customers.

The most important thing to remember is that social media can be used to bridge the gap between a brand and its customers. This being said, it is important for companies to leverage this to secure better profit opportunities.

Social media can help you build the right connections

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Social MediaSocial media can be used by brands to build online communities and drive sales. They can also use the platform to target specific demographics, particularly key-industry influencers, whom they can share core values to. In fact, a recent study from LinkedIn says that social media can connect brands to affluent consumers.

LinkedIn’s study, titled Influencing the Mass Affluent, 90% of the United States’ affluent consumers can be found in social media. In the study, the “mass affluent” are consumers with investable assets between $100,000 and $1-million.

The report also mentioned that more and more consumers are engaging with financial institutions through social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. As earlier mentioned, 90% of affluent consumers are on social media. Of this percentage, 44% engage with financial brands online and 34% engage with these companies’ social media content.

Furthermore, LinkedIn’s study cites that affluent consumers engage in social media. They log-on to find like-minded peers and engage in branded content. Through online interactions, brands can create partnerships with big names in their respective industries.

Source: Brafton