Company unveils top 15 cities in US for social media jobs

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Social Media—the biggest job site in the world—recently unveiled the top cities in the United States for social media jobs.

As expected, San Francisco and New York ranked among the top cities for jobs related to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Still, some of the other locations may surprise you.

New York is the top location for social media jobs. Not only that, the city that never sleeps has a tremendous lead to the next cities in the ranking.

“We’ve seen social media go from the dorm room to the boardroom in the last decade,” commented Amy Crow, communications director of “Jobs with ‘social media’ in the title really only tell part of the story—13 times that many jobs include ‘social media’ in the job description … including marketing, customer service, product design, and human resources.”

According to, the top 15 cities in US (in order of ranking) for social media jobs are:

(1)    New York, NY (1,938)
(2)    San Francisco, CA (869)
(3)    Chicago, IL (575)
(4)    Los Angeles, CA (545)
(5)    Washington, DC (463)
(6)    Atlanta, GA (416)
(7)    Boston, MA (386)
(8)    Seattle, WA (324)
(9)    Austin, TX (304)
(10)    San Diego, CA (190)
(11)    Houston, TX (178)
(12)    Portland, OR (157)
(13)    Dallas, TX (157)
(14)    Phoenix, AZ (157) has around 16-million jobs, and has become one of the most popular job sites in the world—posting 100-million unique visitors last March.


Optimizing New Gmail

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GmailGmail has recently rolled out its new tabs feature. It allows users to organize emails into five categories: Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums. This means that email marketers now have to find ways to get their messages into the right tab. Here are a few tips:

  • Remember that the subject line is the most important part of an email so go for something attention grabbing. 33 percent of email recipients open messages based on the subject so bank on that. This ensures that no matter which tab the message gets sorted into, it will still have a higher chance of being seen by the target audience.
  • Send out emails that act as a friendly reminder of the tabs update. Tell them that they can star emails from a company or move them to the Primary tab.
  • Keep in mind that certain emails are time sensitive. Timing is important for any email marketing piece so schedule dissemination accordingly.
  • These days, 64 percent of email recipients open their emails on their mobile devices. This means brand owners still need to utilize mobile strategies to keep up with the times.
  • Never forget to provide valuable and relevant content that subscribers will always look forward to. This is basic knowledge that will bring brands to greater heights no matter how many changes are applied to Gmail.

Have you ever regretted posting something on Facebook or Twitter?

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internet conceptHave you ever regretted posting something on social media? Well, you’re not the only one.

According to a new survey, many young individuals worry that their posts on Facebook and Twitter can come back to haunt them someday.

The survey, which was backed by, found that nearly 30% of social media users aged 18-34 say they have posted a photo or comment that they wanted to take back.

Participants said that some of those posts could potentially cause them their jobs or disqualify them from other opportunities. Also, 21-percent of the survey takers said that they have taken down a post because they feared consequences from their employers.

While many understand that social media sites have privacy settings, most users are still worrisome about their posts. But is there a basis for worrying about social media posts?

Well, according to Careerbuilder, more than 40-percent of employers refer to social media when reviewing prospective employees. And reports say that more and more companies are following this practice.


Engaging on Google+

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google plus localGoogle+ is one of the greatest resources that brand owners can tap in order to reach out to their target market. It not only integrates various key capabilities like Google docs, hangouts, chat, and email but it also acts as a home to many communities that brands can join to foster engagement and to generate leads. Below are strategies that business owners can use to spice up their experience on Google+:

  • Utilize Circles to strategically network with other users.  Categorizing people into themes allows brand owners to interact with people in their network without having to search for them over and over again. Using circles is also a great technique to build new relationships and to target and stay connected with the right people.
  • Maximize the use of high quality content. Use visually compelling images that have the maximum share-abilty, use information-rich text content that link back to other resources, and use hashtags in order to find related posts, follow ingoing conversations, and join trending topics.
  • Be proactive with engagement through interacting with other people and commenting on their posts. This can also be done through using + mentions whenever possible, ending posts with a question to ignite discussion, respond to user’s comments or questions, and use interesting content.

Complimentary Social Media and Digital Marketing Webinars Available for All New Jersey Small Businesses

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Social MediaThe Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation (WCEC), continues its “We’re Storming Back” Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Program with a social media and digital webinar series throughout the month of August.

[PRWeb press release] — The Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation (WCEC), continues its “We’re Storming Back” Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Program with a social media and digital webinar series throughout the month of August. The free webinars are available for all New Jersey business owners and will provide them with the resources and tools to engage customers online and increase awareness of their businesses among a larger target audience. Business owners can register online at

Funded by a grant from the U.S. Small Business Administration, the WCEC’s We’re Storming Back program is offering three online courses to help New Jersey businesses enhance their online presence and attract new and existing customers. The course topics are:

August 20, 2013 1 PM – 2:30 PM

o    Social Media BS: Business Strategies That Work- Discover the secret to make your business a social media superstar and actually generate leads for your business. Social media has effectively changed the landscape of how owners market their business. Gone are the days when businesses could rely on just having a website. Companies everyday are finding themselves lost when it comes to having a competent strategy to build their brand, market, create sales opportunities to build their business online. Access information will be sent to registrants prior to the class date.

August 21. 2013 1 PM – 2:30 PM

o    Panda and Penguin Panic: The New Rules of Google and Search Engine Optimization- Still one of the best ways to grow a business is to show up in the right place at the right time with the right message. Search engines give business owners that opportunity, yet thousands of them struggle with getting it right. Participants will learn the ins and outs of search engine optimization without the technical jargon. The instructor lays out a plan for business owners to get to the top the right way so Google’s next update doesn’t crush their business. Access information will be sent to registrants prior to the class date.

August 27, 2013 1PM – 2:30 PM

o    The Money is in the List: Email Marketing Tips and Tricks- Email is NOT Dead! While most of the attention is on Social Media and Search Engine Updates, business owners are neglecting one of the most valuable resources they have, their email list! Participants will learn to start and grow an effective email list, create relevant emails to connect with their audience, succeed in acquiring new customers and so much more. Access information will be sent to registrants prior to the class date.

“Local businesses are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy, after tearing our state apart more than nine months ago,” said Penni Nafus, Executive Director of the WCEC. “Social media platforms are cost-effective tools that can efficiently change the landscape of how owners market their business. This complimentary webinar series conveniently allows business owners to tune in and learn how to successfully use social media and digital marketing tools for long-term business success beyond the summer season.”

The WCEC’s “We’re Storming Back” Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Program provides complimentary workshops, training, and resources to New Jersey businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy to help them to recover and thrive in this all-important summer season. The WCEC is helping small businesses storm back from Sandy through webinars and three key training programs: Customer Service Training, Planning for Future Storms, and One-on-One Business Consultations. For more information, please visit or contact Penni Nafus at (973) 507-9700 or at pnafus(at)wcecnj(dot)org.

About The WCEC

The WCEC, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation, is a U. S. Small Business Administration’s Women’s Business Center. The WCEC provides the tools for individuals to successfully own, operate and grow their small businesses, thereby investing financially, intellectually and emotionally in their communities. The WCEC provides more than 150 classes, seminars and individual consulting sessions each year for more than 5,000 participants. For more information please visit

Mobile Friendly SMM Strategies

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mobile apps advertisingNowadays, brands need to establish social strategies that adapts to various platforms that their target audience use. With more people choosing to stay connected through their mobile devices like smartphones or tablets rather than desktop computers, it is imperative to come up with a social media marketing plan that is mobile friendly. This can be achieved through the following means:

  • Always keep in mind the constraints of mobile devices. Phones and tablets have much smaller screens than personal computers. This means images, text, and other content need to be displayed properly. Having users zoom in and out to view content takes away valuable time from getting a brand’s message across. Aside from accommodating the smaller size of screen, going short when it comes to text also caters to the short attention span of mobile users.

  • Consider paid mobile advertising options. Brand owners can leverage paid promotion tools from Facebook and Twitter like sponsored stories and promoted posts. This allows for content to be easily seen on people’s newsfeeds regardless of the device that they are using.

  • Always remember that quality is king. Shorter content for promoting brands on mobile platforms means optimizing the quality of the content. Messages need to offer value instead of being intrusive. This ensures that ads are welcomed by a brand’s target audience.

Fortune 500 companies invest in social media

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Fortune 500According to a recent study, the world’s most successful companies are now investing in social media.

A report from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth investigated how often companies in Fortune Magazine’s Fortune 500 list use social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.

More than 70% of the Fortune 500 companies kept active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. And this marked percentage increases across the board compared to last year.

Still, there are some social media sites that are not being used by Fortune 500 companies. These sites include: Google+, Instagram, Foursquare, and Pinterest. Only a minority portion of the list created profiles in these sites.

“Due to the hugely influential role that these companies play in the business world, studying their adoption and use of social-media tools offers important insights into the future of commerce,” said in the report. “These corporations provide a look at emergent social-media trends among America’s most successful companies.”

Of course, social media usage by Fortune 500 companies was topped by Facebook—which is ranked 482 in the esteemed list of organizations.

Source: CNET

Will your Facebook page affect your chances of getting into college?

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Young men and women holding mobile phonesDoes your social media profile affect your chances of getting into colleges?

According to a new study from Kaplan Test Prep, schools are “increasingly discovering information on Facebook and Google that negatively impact applicants’ acceptance chances.”

In a survey conducted last year, 27% of admissions officers say that they use Google to screen applicants while 26% check on Facebook. Google searches do not only reel in links to Facebook pages, they also provide links for other social media pages—including Twitter and Google Plus.

Based on figures, school recruiters refer to online media more than admissions counselors.

According to a study, a variety of social media posts can affect a student’s application—including pictures of alcohol, nudity, illegal drugs, and violence.

Others quickly pointed out that this can be a privacy issue. However, once information has been uploaded to the internet, it ceases to be called “private.” Still, privacy settings can be adjusted to limit the viewing of profiles to confirmed contacts.

Source: CBS New York

3 Social Marketing Tips Businesses Should Follow

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social mediaAccording to the Small Business Association, half of the American population owns or works for a small business and most of these companies continuously face issues when it comes to marketing. Below are three things that small business owners must follow in order to kick start or to brush up their marketing program:

  • Go to where customers socialize. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have proven that they are more than just a fad. With literally millions of people spending time online, establishing presence on these networks will definitely help a small business in gaining popularity as well as profit. Social media also offer brands a chance to listen to their customers as well as to engage with them which fosters brand loyalty.

  • Repurpose blog content. Blogging is useful for many businesses but some brand owners seem to be having trouble with figuring out what sort of content to publish. The answer to this conundrum is repurposing blog content. This can be done through transmuting them into different formats, refreshing old material, turn items form list-style blogs into full articles and vice versa, and coming up with one topic series.

  • Bank on content curation. Sharing content on social media is one of the best ways to start conversations with customers. Brands can watch large news sites, watch news aggregators, check the What’s Hot section or trends on Twitter and Google+, or create their own “go to” sources. Make a Google+ circle, Twitter list or Interest list on Facebook.

Establishing Socially Oriented Brands

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Building a socially oriented brand means having the capacity to communicate with a company’s customers. The key idea here is communication which, in essence, is a two-way process. This means that brand owners do not only need to know what to say but to also help their audience understand what they are saying while encouraging feedback. To communicate, after all, is to exchange ideas.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram continues to urge brands to become social entities. This entails engaging with customers, joining discussions, having a voice, being heard, and also listening to what others are saying. This not only allows brands to understand how their target market thinks or behaves but also establishes a relationship that is more human to human than robot to human leading to trust and loyalty on the customers’ part.

Effective communication is when one learns from the other and vice versa. Some brands think that they have much more to say than their audience and they forget that they can learn from the latter as well. Yes, customers have an insatiable need for new knowledge but just the same, they too have a lot to share. Brands should learn to know when to stop talking about themselves and when to stop owning the spotlight. Show the audience that they are an important part of the dynamics; that they play a big role in the way the company runs; that their voice will be heard and even shared.

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