Google acquires Meebo

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Google has acquired Meebo, a company known for manufacturing a toolbar that aggregates contend and displays ads.

Meebo’s main product is a toolbar that’s placed at the bottom of a publisher’s website. The toolbar gives publishers numerous functions, including pop-up messages, social media site integration, and ad space.

Publishers can get revenue from the ad space.

In addition to those features, Meebo also has a web-based instant-messaging application.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed by both parties.

The social media prodigy

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Tim Gerst is not an ordinary twenty-three year old. He’s a social media prodigy.

For the last five years, Gerst has been successfully running a social media management and web design company—Gerst Marketing. His clientele consists of a wide range of celebrities, including Austin Mahone, Hawk Nelson, FM Static, and Duncan Phillips.

Gerst creates, maintains, and executes thousands of social media campaigns for his clients. His campaigns have been legendary because of their reception in social media sites.

Part of Gerst Marketing’s vision is to teach their clients about the power of social media. Gerst provides the insights of how to use social media to boost artists’ careers.

Gerst also hosts Airsee’s online talk show, where he engages a large audience face-to-face.

For more information about Tim Gerst and Gerst Marketing, contact

Can social media succeed in the stock exchange?

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Today, social media is a huge part of the marketing scene. The reason for its involvement is simple: millions of people are actively engaged in social media sites. As of last count, Facebook has more than 900 million registered users while Twitter is estimated to have 175 million Tweetbees. In short, social media sites provide abundant space for advertisers. However, recent developments in the stock exchange forecast gloomy days for the social media industry.

Investors are quickly learning that social media companies can burn money as fast as it can make it. In 2011, LinkedIn doubled its revenue and tripled its sales staff. This resulted in greatly decreased profit.

According to reports, Zynga—the online gaming company—debuted in the market with an impressive 47% profit margin. In the months that followed, share prices consistently fell. Share prices started at $10. It is currently dancing around $7.

While companies the industry’s prospects seem to be diminishing, analysts aren’t quick to give up on social media. Only time will tell whether the industry will live up to the hype. For now, tech companies—like Apple and Intel—will remain as the giants of the stock exchange.

SEO-Social Media Smack Down—Or Is It?

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seo and social mediaSocial Media has definitely changed the way websites are ranked in search engines. Since 2009, Google has been including Social Media presence in its search algorithm and as a result, SEO has ceased being the only important element in online marketing.

There is no denying, however, that SEO is still important. It is still vital in establishing a website’s online presence making it easier for users who go to search engines to look for businesses to find what they are looking for. Local visibility and lead generation is also one of the strongest points of SEO and no other means can top that.

Social Media, on the other side of the spectrum, is perfect for making a brand well known not to mention the fact that it is more interactive than any other online marketing means. This way, answering user queries becomes easier and faster for the brand. Since Social Media banks on user interaction, it also becomes easier for Google to determine a site’s relevance to user searches when people share or talk about the brand through social media channels.

Some business owners may think that it is better to choose one over the other—preferably social media since it generally costs less. But the truth of the matter is it is better to use both to achieve optimum results. Using SEO and Social Media and incorporating it in a well thought out marketing plan is the best choice as opposed to relying on only one means to promote a business.

Social media stocks are taking huge dips

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Social media stocks are dropping, sending investors into doubt and panic.

On Tuesday, Facebook stocks fell by $30, marking its fourth decline in the past week of trading. It is currently the 19th worst initial public offering in the past year.

Investors are now wondering if the social networking site was the gold mine they thought it would be. Other investors are already opting out of related stocks, including Zynga.

Analysts say that investors will think twice about dealing social media stocks. Since Facebook’s IPO, the valuation of its peers and competitors have taken a dip. The whole platform has become suspect.

Still, there is some reason for optimism. Shares to LinkedIn, a top social-networking site for professionals, have shown significant increases.

According to some experts, people need to re-adjust their expectations about social media stocks. After all, too much hype can

Video ads succeed in social media platforms

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Video ads seem to fit perfectly on social media sites.

According to a report from Visible Measures, viewership of video ads increased by nearly 80% in the first quarter of 2012 compared to 2011. The company identified social video content as a growing trend in cyberspace.

Video hubs, like YouTube, are home to hundreds of video ads for different industries, including sports and video games. The massive traffic increase to videos suggest that it is the most preferred advertising method of consumers.

For particular industries—like automotive, apparel, and food, social media is a very popular and effective platform. Each of these industries recorded millions of ad views across different social media sites.

For online businesses, social media marketing and video content are indispensable. Experts believe that these two elements will become even more important in the long run.

Chinese government strengthens control on social media sites

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The Chinese government has placed new rules and regulations that are aimed at social networks, like Sina Weibo—a Chinese micro-blogging site.

The new regulations will prevent the unwanted spread of online rumors and controversial posts. The authorities are currently policing social media sites to regulate what users are saying and posting.

Sina Weibo posted guidelines on how to manage content posting on the web. According to reports, each account will start with a score of 80 points. Misconducts will lead to deduction of points. When an account is reduced to zero points, it’s cancelled.

Social media sites, like Weibo and Tencent’s QQ, are extremely popular in China. Many people rely on these sites for news and other information. Weibo alone is estimated to have more than 300 million users.

The new rules, which were initiated by the government, are aimed to prevent posts that “spread rumors, disrupt social order, or destroy social stability.” Some specific examples of prohibited posts include: revealing national secrets and threatening the honor of the nation.

Recently, authorities closed 16 websites and detained six people for allegedly spreading rumors.

California Companies can no longer collect Social Media user names and passwords

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California-based Employers can no longer ask job applicants to submit their social media user names and passwords under a new bill, which was approved by the State Senate on Friday.

The bill, authored by Leland Yee, will apply to employers and universities with certain exceptions in law enforcement and workplace harassment investigations.

During the debate, Republican Senator Ted Gaines expressed concerns about the exemptions, citing that they aren’t broad enough. Gaines believes that employers should be given a chance to intervene before a suspected harassment case begins to escalate.

“I agree with the intent of your legislation because I want to make sure we protect the individuals’ privacy,” explained Gaines to Yee. “But I have a concern on trying to address early harassment.”

Yee answered, “I understand that.  The reality is we clearly do not want employers to go on a fishing expedition.”

Yee explained that social media sites, like Facebook, contain lots of private information, including personal things that employers are forbidden to ask according to law.

Social media users talk about American Idol

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Despite a 27% drop in its television viewers, the American Idol finale broke numerous records in social media.

Viewers issued more than 1 million comments across multiple social media platforms during the two-hour finale, which made it the most talked about finale in the series’ history.

In terms of stats, the season 11 finale steamrolled over many finales, including Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, and The X-Factor. The show also incited the most comments for the entire season with nearly 6 million comments.

Experts claim that singing competitions, like American Idol, are definitely a key stimulator in social media. Finales keep social media subscribers engaged online.

At the conclusion of its season finale, American Idol crowned Phillip Phillips as the champion over Jessica Sanchez. The episode was filled with great performances from renowned bands and artists, including Aerosmith, Rihanna, Neil Diamond, and Jennifer Lopez.

Social media users comment on Yahoo! Axis

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Yahoo!’s brand-new browser, Axis, is polarizing social media. In the past 24 hours, Social media users have started posting praises and complaints about the new Yahoo!-owned application.

Most users are impressed with the search engine’s iOS application, while some are wary of installing the desktop plug-in.

Axis has received good reviews on the web. Mashable described it as “good” and other writers say it can convince some people to return to using the Yahoo! Search engine.

Despite this, some consumers are complaining about download difficulties. Numerous social media users stated that the link download is non-functional.

On Google+, most of the comments about Axis seem to be very positive. Users called the app “impressive” and “interesting.”