Teenagers in India use mobile phones to access social media

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More and more teenagers in India are using their mobile phones to access online social media to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones.

Tata Consultancy Services conducted a survey on 12,000 high-school students between the ages of 12 and 18 across 12 different cities, including Mumbai and Delhi.

“While 84 per cent of the respondents had internet access at home, 85 per cent used social networking site such as Facebook and 79 per cent owned a mobile phone,” the survey results stated. “Preferring entertainment on the move, 28 per cent of the respondents said mobile phone was their favourite gadget,” said the survey.”

A vast majority of the participants had Facebook subscribers, while other used country-based platforms, like Apna Circle and Hi5.

According to the study, 40% of teenagers in the metropolitans have internet access on their phones, which ranked among their favorite gadgets.

While there isn’t a proven relationship between social media and career paths, most of the teenagers involved in the survey stated that they want to pursue careers in information technology.

How to Adjust to Google Penguin

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google penguinWith the amount of search optimizing efforts webmasters have been doing over the years, Google is being more and more vigilant with its fight against web spam. It’s inevitable for Google to release search filter updates as often as possible because some site owners are becoming overzealous with SEO. From the recent and rather adorable Google Panda and now Google Penguin, webmasters must remember a few things to keep up with it.

Google’s mantra has always been to provide excellent user experience, thus, employing the same idea when optimizing sites can be useful. Generating ways to improve user experience for a website can conjure up brownie points from Google.

Google loves websites with top quality content. Websites with excellent content almost always rank well. So avoid keyword stuffing, spammy posts, and always keep your content fresh and up to date.

Google often points out that pages must be optimized not for search engines but for users. Using keywords in natural context and avoiding spam posts will signal Google that your website can rank well. So avoid cramming keywords and use them twice at most.

Most importantly, you can analyze sites that rank well and follow their search optimizing style.

Lady Gaga launches her own social media site

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This summer, Lady Gaga will be launching her own social network: Little Monsters.

According to exclusive reports, the invite-only platform is similar to Pinterest. Users can scroll through a collage of tiles and pictures, compiled of their interests. Each of the items is a link to a Little Monster’s profile.

In place of “Likes” and interests, each profile contains a question-and-answer segment about the users. Questions range from “When you first heard the song ‘mother monster’?” or “How do you want to change the world?”

The site even features a chat room with a built-in language translator.

The site is the first product of Palo Alto, a startup company founded by Lady Gaga’s manager: Tony Carter. Majority of the staff are composed of ex-employees of Facebook and Google.

“The goal of Little Monsters and Backplane is to unite people around affinities, interests and movements,” explained a spokeswoman for Little Monsters.

With more than 50 million Facebook fans and around 25 million Twitter followers, Lady Gaga will definitely cause a stir in the World Wide Web with her new social media site.

Marketing company recommends non-invasive social media campaigns

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The Direct Marketing Association recommends mobile-targeted social media marketing campaigns to avoid anything that can be deemed invasive to users.

In a poll conducted by DMA, 60% of the respondents claimed that they regularly access social media apps through their mobile handsets while 35% said that they didn’t want to see any brand presence on these applications.

While many people access social media content on their smartphones, they generally don’t want brands to interrupt their experience when they’re on the go. Experts say that people get frustrated when they receive alerts on their mobile.

For brands, social media marketing on mobile means avoiding excessive posts, which could potentially lead to a reduction of followers and subscribers.

As more and more people access the internet through their smartphones, consumer behavior in the platform will continue to change. Advertising brands are likely to continue to change approaches for the next few years.

Microsoft introduces new social network

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Microsoft is launching its own social network,

With Facebook continuing its dominance in the platform and Google+ making constant improvements, it would be difficult to understand why Microsoft would like to join this race.

According to a statement, the site is a social-search tool that can be used for sharing info and meeting people with similar interests. Reps from Microsoft were quick to point out that the site isn’t meant to compete with Facebook.

“ is an experimental research project focused on the future of social experiences and learning, especially among younger people,” said a statement from the popular software company.

Actually, the tool was launched last year for selected colleges and universities. Last week, the company quietly made it public for a beta test.

The site has numerous features, including the “bookmarklet”—which is similar to Facebook’s “Like” button. It also has a Video Party feature that allows subscribers to incorporate chat and videos.

Social media is the next big thing in marketing

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Social media is becoming a strong platform for marketing and public relations.

According to recent studies, the metrics of the platform are constantly becoming more useful. With new applications, marketers can easily analyze consumer demographics and online behavior. The availability of these tools has strengthened the impact of online marketing campaigns.

As a result, the social media scene has created thousands of new job opportunities. Companies are now hiring personnel to manage and create online social media campaigns.

Based on studies, social media accounts for around 7% of the marketing budgets of American companies. The significant increase in budget allotments represents new career options in the social marketing field. Individuals with education about computers and the internet are currently in high demand.

According to reports, social media campaigns are highly recommended for businesses, especially for companies in the tech sector. Experts predict that this will be sustained in the upcoming years, outlining a bright future for the platform.

The effects of social media on children and family life

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While social media sites continue to strengthen their stocks, experts are debating their effects on children and family life.

In a report from AFP, Jim Steyer—the founder of Common Sense Media—said that social media can have an “enormous impact” on youngsters, families, and schools.

“We need to have a big national, if not global conversation about the pros and cons of that,” suggested Steyer.

While Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus offer good prospects for education, they can also affect a young person’s emotional and cogitative development.

Regardless of what parents may think, many children are spending more and more time on social media sites. Statistically, some kids in the United States spend as much as eight hours a day online.

Steyer identified some of the threats that children are exposed to online: addictions, relationships, and online pornography.

Experts strongly recommend that parents monitor their children’s use of the internet to avoid bad influences.

While parents face new responsibilities with the digital age, Steyer also mentioned that website creators have a responsibility to make sure their content is shown to the right people.

Bing integrates social to search

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Microsoft is reinventing its search function to include items from Facebook and other social media platforms.

The integration to Bing includes a new sidebar, which contains functions that allow users to connect with their friends and other contacts. The new service can be accessed at the right-hand side of the search engine results pages.

According to its makers, the new features are based on the fact that people often consult friends and experts before making decisions.

For each search query, Bing will suggest friends and contacts from various social media sites that might know about the topic. For Facebook, the recommended users will be based on what content they “Like.” There will also be recommendations from Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Microsoft says that the new Bing features will be rolling out in the coming days.

Promoting Businesses with Social Media Networking

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Ranking first in major search engines is fast becoming a major goal for many business dedicated websites. With stiff competition present all over the internet, it’s becoming tougher and tougher to generate profit that’s why business owners are constantly seeking unique ways to market their  business.

Social Media has proven itself to be an important tool for marketing any business online.  The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, and even Myspace are outstanding platforms to perform marketing strategies because of the number of people that use them. These sites make it easier for businesses to establish relationships with their target clientele. Most importantly, it provides an avenue to give information regarding the products and services that are being offered by the company without the hassle of traditional marketing strategies.

The primary thing a business has to understand about Social Media Marketing is that being in one social networking site may not be enough. It is important to utilize as much social networks as one can to further extend the reach of the business with respect to its target clients. Setup accounts in at least three social networking sites and make it a point to interact with the users.

Establishing a business’ presence in social networking sites for the purpose of marketing it requires maintenance. Regular updating of accounts is a must. Provide valuable information about products and services that wouldn’t be normally found on ordinary catalogs and traditional ads. Don’t be afraid to advertise but don’t spam users either.

Google wants SEO to prioritize user experience

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With the integration of a new search algorithm, Google continues to hammer one message to search engine optimization campaigns: focus on high-quality content!

The biggest search engine in the world has installed a new algorithm that targets webspam. According to Google reps, it will prevent sites from “gaming” their search engine. Instead, sites need to focus on improving user experience to gain ground in search engine results pages.

Matt Cutts, one of the leading developers in Google, specifically said that the new algorithm will target keyword stuffing and link farming. These sneaky SEO tactics will now be met with appropriate penalties in their rankings.

Cutts also mentioned that relevance will play a central role in Google’s search functions. The company wants user-conducted searches to result in relevant topics. This will hurt SEO campaigns that have tried to manipulate the system in their favor.

Keywords have always been essential parts of content marketing campaigns, and it still is. However, Google has placed safeguards to make sure that the system isn’t open to abuse.

In the past, overly optimized sites dominated the rankings. But with the help of the new algorithm, user experience-focused sites will get a boost in the rankings.

The new algorithm will definitely have a positive effect for users and browsers. However, it may get mixed reviews from SEO campaigners.

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