Social Marketing Strategies

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Social Media MarketingSocial Marketing, when executed properly, can allow small businesses to reap bountiful rewards. It can be an indispensible marketing tool for many brands especially because of the sheer number of people who have access to social networking sites nowadays. Below are some tips to improve a company’s chances of effectively marketing on social media platforms:

Determine a brand’s target audience. This depends on the company’s brands and services and the benefits that it gives to its users. It is especially helpful in figuring out how to interact with fans of the products/services.

Figure out which social media channels will be best for the business. There are hundreds of channels that small businesses can utilize to benefit their products and services depending on their needs. The most commonly used websites are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. At the end of the day, choosing channels to execute a company’s marketing campaigns depends on their needs, the format of the company, their products, and services, and their target market.

Create valuable and relevant content. Social marketing can also be considered as an extension of a company’s services. It adds value to what they can give to their target audience. Always remember that content is king when it comes to social marketing.

Finally, expand one’s audience share. Marketing, ideally, is a way to extend a brand’s reach. When using social media, this can be done through interacting with fans or followers. Doing so will increase the chances for lead generation and increased conversion rates.

SMM Blogging

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SMM BloggingBlogging is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing in that it allows small businesses to provide high quality content to their target market which adds value to their services. Whether a business owner decides to do this personally or to outsource this function to professionals, there are a few key points to remember. This includes the following:

Write for the people who will read the blog. This function should be treated as an extension of a company’s services to its target audience. It should be useful and relevant in that the content solves people’s problems or answers their questions.

Focus on legacy content. While it may be useful to post time-sensitive content like news and updates about the industry and other related information to a brand, long term validity still trumps news.  Doing so allows content to have value for the audience and can also be shared via social media without worrying about its timeliness.

Get to the point with the content of blog posts. People who spend time on the internet typically have short attention spans. This means that brands should always focus on generating clear, concise, and straight-forward articles.

Use a consistent voice for blog posts. This allows brands to get their message across to their target market more effectively.

Turn Social Media Followers into Brand Promoters

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Social MediaUsing social media for business is not just about establishing online presence, raising brand awareness, and amassing followers. After building the brand’s fan base, it is important to take the next step and turn them into advocates and promoters that bring tangible results in the form of increased traffic, conversion, and ROI.

The most important thing to remember in order to cajole followers into becoming advocates of a brand is to listen to what they are saying on social networks and then engage with them and draw attention to their passion. Make a blog post about these people, tweet about them, or feature them on a brand’s status updates; anything that will make them feel appreciated. This will make customers feel important and it is also an effective way to fish out a brand’s biggest advocates.

Also, concentrating on a brand’s more proactive fans is also a great way to turn them into promoters. This is especially true for businesses that have amassed a number of followers.

Sifting through thousands of people to find a brand’s best ambassadors can be done through creating campaigns that will put the spotlight on the most passionate fans. This is an effective way of finding out who among a brand’s fans care the most about it.

FTC issues new rules for social media advertisers

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FTCThe Federal Trade Commission has instituted a new rule that requires social media marketers to accompany their ads with disclosures. According to the regulator, this will protect consumers from deceptive practices online.

“The updated guidance emphasizes that consumer protection laws apply equally to marketers across all mediums,” stated the consumer protection agency.

During the early 2000s, the FTC issued a set of rules for online advertisers—requiring them to make “clear” disclosures for ads that can potentially lead to unfair practices. However, the internet marketing field has greatly evolved since then. And this calls for new rules.

Experts say that regulatory agencies are trying to catch up with the fast-paced development of the internet and mobile advertising platforms. Initiating new rules is a big step towards protecting the consumer.

With the new rule, advertisers need to place disclosures on all devices that consumers can use to view advertisements. If disclosures cannot be made clear, then—the FTC recommends—that it be avoided.

Source: USAToday

Improving Brand Image on Social Media

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Social Media

Social media nowadays is a very powerful tool which not only allows brands to reach out to their target market but also to build their image as a reputable company. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like help humanize a brand making it easier for its customers to keep patronizing its products and services. Below are three tips to help improve a brand’s image on social media:

1. Use a consistent voice that reflects your brand and everything it stands for when posting content. Phrase content in such a way that the brand’s target market can easily relate to it. This allows for increased engagement between a company and its followers.

2. Strive to build a community that centers around the brand. Big companies are known for creating names for their followers and this is one useful strategy that small businesses can emulate. Doing so allows a brand’s client base to feel involved which opens up the gates for interaction.

3. Share what goes on behind the scenes within the brand. Through the use of blogs or simple tweets or even just status updates, a company transforms from a faceless moneymaking entity into something that people can relate to which makes them more confident to spread the word about it.

Using social media to find a job

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Social Media JobSocial media expands your reach. It keeps you connected to your friends and loved ones, and keeps you posted on your interests, hobbies, and the daily dealings of your favorite celebrities. It can even help you find a job!

Using LinkedIn, subscribers can easily find job opportunities. First, optimize your profile page and make sure the right contacts see it. Cross-reference your social e-mail list into your list of contacts in the site. To find job opportunities, you’ll also want to create a Google+ page. You’ll need to optimize the page as well.

After optimizing profiles in LinkedIn and Google+, you can proceed to searching for opportunities in Facebook and Twitter.

Create a list of relevant contacts for the job opportunity you want. Instead of blasting general messages, send a personalized message to these contacts. Introduce yourself and explain your interest in the opportunity. You can also join groups in LinkedIn and Facebook.

With regard to your interactions with these contacts, keep your correspondences professional. Also, upload a professional-looking picture on your profile.

From here, you need to wait for bites. Remember: Social media can only engage employers; it’s up to you to win them over and earn the position.

Source: Forbes

Bloxx shows schools how to integrate education with social media

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Social Media and EducationSocial media is changing the educational experience for both teachers and students. “Social Media in Education: Enhancing Learning and Managing eSafety,” a new e-book created by Bloxx, seeks to address the challenges in collaborating social media and learning tools while protecting the student from inappropriate content and other online dangers.

“Giving students access to the wealth of content and learning applications on the Internet, while protecting them again harmful content and complying with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1988), is a major challenge for those in education,” commented Eamonn Doyle, president of Bloxx. “Our new e-book is a primer for school administrators and IT professionals to integrate social media into the curriculum, along with a step-by-step guide for creating flexible social media and Internet access policies for their schools or districts.”

The e-book shows how social media can enhance the traditional educational models. It covers numerous challenges in creating a functional social media policy. These challenges include culture, communication, and technology.

“It’s important to communicate the reason for a consistent social media policy across any educational organization,” said Ollie Bray, the e-book’s author and an award-winning teacher. “It’s important to communicate the reason for a consistent social media policy across any educational organization. A good policy begins with good and open communication.”

The e-book can be downloaded for free at

Source: PRWeb press release

Sales Pages for Small Businesses

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JoomlaSmall businesses with a brand-dedicated website are most likely to have a sales page. As the name implies, it is a webpage where a company’s product or service is sold. It contains all the information that a customer needs in order to make a purchase. More often than not, it also has links that redirect to a sales cart or to a page that describes payment methods. Also, this can be made using different CMS or content management system platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

Below are some tips for creating a useful sales page:

  1. Create a headline that demands to be seen. It must capture the customer’s attention while making promises about the product which makes them stay on that page and read the succeeding lines.
  2. Create a persuasive and promising opening paragraph. Make sure that it leads customers in, establishes rapport, and expands on the promise made in the headline.
  3. Establish credibility to encourage customers to buy a product or patronize a service.
  4. Include testimonials that reduce anxiety. Using positive feedback from past customers can be useful in attracting a new customer into buying a company’s products. This also allows new clients to know that a product or service really works.
  5. Finally, include a call to action that will encourage customers to hit the “buy” button. Include the benefits of the product or service and explicitly ask them to make that purchase.

Google+ Features

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google logoSince its launch at the end of June 2011, Google+ has since garnered a total of 500 million registered users with 235 million of which are active monthly. Its integrated nature has been keeping Facebook and Twitter on their toes over the last couple of years. For those new to this site, below are three unique features that make it stand out as a social network:

Circles—This feature allows users to sort people into groups and to share a certain type of content or Google product/service to them. It makes sharing hassle free and it also organizes your stream so that only a user’s selected circles will appear on it.

Hangouts— This allows people to connect with people in their Circles through video using the computer or a mobile device. Up to nine people can join which makes spending time with people that matter simpler and easier.

Communities— This newly added feature allows people with similar interests to come together and share their knowledge with each other. There are public and private communities about almost anything under the sun—from arts and crafts, to movies, to books, users can surely have a way to connect with the right people.

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Grammys in social media

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GrammyThe social media stratosphere was flooded on Sunday night as the annual Grammy Awards created a tidal wave of buzz on the World Wide Web.

Based on Figures from Networked Insights—a social media analytics firm, the award show’s most popular moment came when Jay-Z, The Dream, and Frank Ocean accepted the Grammy for rap/sung collaboration.

“I want to thank the swap meet for his hat,” said Jay-Z upon accepting the award. He was mocking the hat of The Dream. And this created plenty of buzz in social media sites—for Twitter at least. In fact, it generated 116,400 Tweets per minute.

Other Twitter traffic spikes were attributed to Rihanna’s performance and Prince’s presentation to Goyte.

Rihanna earned the distinction: the most-talked-about-celebrity on Twitter. The 24-year-old reeled an amazing 1.6-million tweets. The runner-up list is comprised of Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran.

Source: LATimes