College offers degree in social media

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At the workplace, social media sites are rarely welcomed. These pages are considered big distractions for the employees so employers end-up blocking them. But that’s about to change.

As more and more jobs require social media skills, it’s becoming a necessity rather than a distraction in the workplace. In line with this, Austin Community College will be offering a social media degree beginning next spring.

Most job offers outline “social media proficient” as part of the job description. Formalizing proficiency with a degree only makes sense. And that’s what prompted ACC to create the program.

“We designed a program that really revolves around these core skills that businesses are stating that businesses are stating that they need,” described Jill Brockmann, an adjunct professor from ACC.

Starting in the spring semester of 2013, the college will be offering the first associates degree in Texas for Social Media Communication.


Social media #fail on Thanksgiving

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According to reports, social media wasn’t as active as forecasted during Thanksgiving weekend.

Given brand efforts to promote themselves on social media, most experts would think that payoffs would easily occur during big holidays—like Thanksgiving. However, online consumers were simply not clicking on Black Friday as social media platforms only accounted for 0.34% of all online sales during the day. Sales referrals were traced from popular sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

This year’s sales referrals took an incredible plunge compared to last year’s Thanksgiving, when the platform accounted for more than 30% of all online sales.

Source: Wall Street Journal Blog

Youtube Keyword Tool

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Youtube Keyword ToolMuch like typical search engines, Youtube videos rely on user queries to be found. Typically, where user search queries are involved, keywords are found as well. Knowing what keywords works best for a brand or company is crucial especially if business owners want their campaigns to become effective.

Some business owners and even marketers, however, are not aware that there is a native Keyword Tool on Youtube that helps in improving campaign performance. This keyword tool was launched in 2007 and was designed to enhance the end user experience on Youtube. For small businesses, however, this tool is a rich resource for identifying keywords for online videos which allows them to identify which keywords to use in their video titles, description, and video content.

The Keyword Tool allows users to get new keyword ideas by selecting descriptive words or phrases, or using a Youtube video ID or URL. It also allows users to pick the language and the country that they need. Common keywords on Youtube are anchored on the following:

  • Names (celebrities)
  • Titles (movies, shows)
  • Quotes
  • Actions/verbs
  • Objects in the video (cars, etc.)
  • Emotions (funny, hilarious)

Through this tool, optimizing videos on Youtube becomes easier at the very least especially when paired with other tried and tested tactics.

The newest weapon of modern warfare: Social Media

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Amidst guns and grenades, a new weapon is becoming frequently used in the escalating tension between Israel and Hamas: social media.

As guns and rockets are being fired on the battlefront, both parties are posting threats and declarations on Twitter. Simultaneously, they continue to upload video threats against one another on YouTube and post propaganda images on Flicker.

Hours ago, the Israeli Defense Force Tweeted: “The IDF has begun a widespread campaign on terror sites & operatives in the #Gaza Strip, chief among them #Hamas & Islamic Jihad targets.”

Moments later, the IDF Tweeted that it had successfully assassinated Ahmed Al-Jabari, head of the military wing of Hamas. It was followed with links to YouTube videos about the attack, as well as photographs.

This is the type of documentation that both parties perform on social media. It’s clear that social media is becoming part of modern warfare. And, according to some experts, the digital platform will continue to play an increasing role on the actual battlefield.

One of the prominent themes in this development is: whether or not social media sites need to implement rules to prevent them from being used as tools of war?

Source: Herald Sun

Google+ demonstrates solid growth prospects

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Google+ is relatively young compared to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Still, recent studies indicate that the site is showing solid growth prospects.

According to a report from Simply Measured, the top 100 brands on Google+ have more than 23-million followers. While top brands on Facebook and Twitter average more followers and contacts, Google+ jumped from 1.1-million to 23-million in less than a single year.

Also, in terms of content marketing, Google+ has its advantages. Since it’s related to the world’s top search engine, building brand awareness through Google+ content promotion can be a very effective strategy.

Brafton suggested that marketers approach Google+ differently compared to other social media sites. Experts say that the social media site has unique search benefits, which also aid content marketing efforts for search engine optimization.

Looking ahead, some specialists forecast that Google+ will possess an integral role in determining Google search engine results pages. This is something content marketers need to keep an eye on.

Source: Brafton

How social media won the Presidential seat for Obama

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Four years ago, experts said that Barack Obama won the election by leveraging social media. In this year’s US Presidential elections, a sizable portion of his victory is, again, being credited to a well-ran social media campaign.

In the past years, social media has grown in terms of size and influence. Now, it’s a strategic tool in running election campaigns as the statistics would indicate. Setting up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube go a long way in terms of gaining influence come Election Day.

As documented by Daniel Burrus of, here’s a comparison of social media statistics between Obama and Mitt Romney:

•    Facebook: Obama has 32 million fans to Romney’s 12 million
•    Twitter: Obama has 21 million followers to Romney’s 1.7 million
•    YouTube: Obama has 259,685 views, while Romney has 29,172

While the statistics aren’t conclusive, it does indicate that the Obama camp was more active online than the Romney camp. Clearly, the Obama campaign ran a more effective social media run compared to its rival. The statistical differences are staggering.

“The biggest problem for Mitt Romney and his team was not making an integrated social media strategy a strategic priority,” explained Burrus. “If it had been a priority, the election may have ended very differently.”

He continued: “Did social media make a difference in the outcome of the election? When you have a close race, everything matters. So with that in mind, I would answer yes.”


Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Sports Agents and Athletes

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In sports, social media can be leveraged to thrust an athlete’s name into fan discussions. This is something agents can do to raise their client’s popularity. However, what are the do’s and don’ts for agents in the world of social media?

In an article from Opposing Views, Travis Martz—a sports agent—spoke about the topic.

Martz identified some topics that shouldn’t be used by agents on social media posts. “Agents should refrain from speaking poorly about other agents, players or NFL roster moves,” he explained. “What goes around comes around.”

Martz continued: “Agents should also refrain from using Twitter as a personal self-glorification medium.  I block a ton of people that only promote themselves.”

When asked how social media can benefit an agent’s client, he said that it can be used to promote his/her efforts outside of the sports arena. Martz cited “business pursuits” as a topic example.

As for an athlete’s social media activity, Martz does advise his clients not to discuss certain topics. “I tell all clients not to discuss teams they are visiting for work-outs or interviews,” he mentioned. “The teams do not want that information broadcasted, and I have a reputation to protect.  I also tell clients to make their tweets relevant and interesting.  The goal is to accumulate followers, not lose them with random drivel.”

To conclude, Martz said that social media should be used by athletes as a brand-building tool. He encourages his clients to use social media to “speak to different audience bases on a relevant, intriguing and responsible platform.”

Source: Opposing Views

President Obama sets social media record

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After winning one of the closest Presidential elections in US history, Barack Obama expressed his jubilation with a Tweet that broke social media records.

The American President tweeted “Four more years” alongside a picture of him and his wife, Michelle, embracing each other. After 22 minutes, the post had already received more than 769,000 retweets, greatly surpassing the previous record which was held by Justin Bieber at 320,000.

The record represented one of the areas where the Obama campaign severely outperformed the Mitt Romney camp: social media and technology. Obama’s campaign used both platforms with great efficiency—accurately targeting demographics, raising popularity, as well as generating more income.

Source: NetworkWorld

Do political opinions in social media change the thinking of voters?

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Thanks to Facebook, everybody can be a political analyst. But are they persuading changes in opinions?

Based on findings from Pew Research Center, about 66% of social media users are expressing political opinions through their profiles in various sites, including Twitter and Facebook. But are these opinions influencing the public opinion in large?

During the first presidential debate, more than 10-million related Tweets were posted. When the Republican National Convention opened, it recorded more Tweets than the entire 2008 election.

These days, a lot of people get information from the internet. But does this mean that posts can swing votes? According to Dr. Mark Martinez—a Political Science professor at CSUB, not necessarily so.

“What we’re seeing here is an increase in people looking for confirmation in what they believe rather than looking for information to sift through,” said Dr. Martinez.

Objectively, the scale of impact is still a debatable issue. It’s yet to be determined. But one thing’s for sure: social media has changed the coverage of elections.


Social media plays integral role in relief efforts for Sandy

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Social media is becoming a major factor in Staten Island’s relief and recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Residents of the island used Smart phones and other community-based social sites to mobilize assistance, including appeals, donations, and shelter provisions.

As the agencies prepare to amass the manpower and supplies necessary to provide relief, citizens have stepped up to lend their hands and ease the pressure.

Citizens are using social media to coordinate relief efforts, including car pools for donation drives. Some even posted messages that they were making their homes open to anyone in need of shelter and a hot meal.

These social media users should be looked at as examples of how to leverage social media in strengthening the community. Amidst the dark aftermath of Sandy, these New Yorkers provide a glimmer of much needed hope.