Gannet acquires Blinq Media

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Gannett has acquired Blinq Media, a social media advertiser with long-time ties to Facebook.

In the past years, Blinq Media has acquired numerous acquisitions in the realm of social media. Blinq manages over 600 social media campaigns for different advertisers.

Previously, Gannet was known as a traditional media player—owning numerous newspapers and broadcasters. However, the company has ramped up efforts to establish a name in the digital marketing space with the acquisition of some social media assets.

Blinq Media gained popularity by being able to deliver social media marketing campaigns across different platforms, particularly at the local level.

Gannet’s purchase of Blinq is just one of many recent social media acquisitions. Conde Nast recently purchased an 11-percent stake from Flite, while Google acquired Wildfire.

As of press time, the financial terms of Gannet’s acquisition were not disclosed.

Source: ClickZ

Social Media accounts for most online activities in India

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comScore, a leading research company, says that social networking is the top online activity in India.

The report also identified Google Sites as the top destination for the month of June as social media sites was the top-ranking online activity. According to comScore, more than 25% of all online minutes in India took place in social media sites.

In terms of site destinations, Google Sites were followed by Facebook, Yahoo! Sites, and Microsoft sites. There were also a number of local web properties on the list.

Among the destination sites, Facebook was deemed the most engaging for visitors as they spent around four hours on the social media site in June.

Social media activities increased by almost 1% compared to the previous year. It still continues to be an integral part of daily media consumption in India. It was followed by Entertainment sites, Portals, and Retail sites.

Source: 9 Best Media Info

Examining HootSuite

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HootSuite LogoHootSuite is a social media management system that allows businesses or organizations to run multiple social media accounts using a simple dashboard interface. Using this system, clients can launch their marketing campaigns over various social networks effortlessly through social media integration.

Clients can create and publish their messages through HootSuite to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Mixi, MySpace,, and WordPress. Additional integrations are available via HootSuite’s App Directory which includes support for Tumblr, Trendspottr, Constant Contact, Digg, Flickr, Get Satisfaction, InboxQ, and YouTube.

This is useful for corporations since it allows for equal representation across different social media platforms. It also allows users to track different subjects relevant to the brand and to find out what people and saying about the brand. It also lets corporations provide feedback to their target market.

Several social networks have taken notice of HootSuite. Facebook named it its preferred developer, LinkedIn made it a certified developer program charter member, it is a development partner for Google+ Pages, and Twitter named it a promoted products partner.

It has won several awards over the years including Best Social Media Management Tool in the 2012 Mashable Awards, Best Application in the 2009 Short Awards, and was awarded Canada’s Top Digital Companies at the 2011 Digi Awards.

Goodbye YouTube iPhone App

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YouTube app iconContinuing its efforts to separate itself from Google and to carry on providing excellent service to its users, Apple announced on Monday the YouTube app will no longer be included in the default applications in iOS 6 devices.

Apple told the Verge a few days ago that this change is due to its license to include the app in iOS has already expired. They also said that Youtube can still be accessed through the Safari browser and that Google is currently developing a standalone and dedicated app for Youtube which will be available at the App Store.

While it is surprising that Apple has completely dropped the app in its most recent iOS version because it has been with them since 2007, some users believe that it is good riddance. With the app’s less than stellar performance over the years, users have learned that viewing Youtube using Safari provides a better experience than the app.

Continuing its separation from Google, Apple has also said that it will be dropping Google Maps and will be including their own mapping app in iOS 6.

While it is still unknown when iOS 6 will be released, users may expect to see it at work following the supposed unveiling of the next iPhone in September.

Significance of Facebook Marketing for SEO

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Facebook marketingMarketing products and services on social media like Facebook is useful not only in generating sales and improving brand awareness but also in search engine optimization (SEO) because it greatly impacts a business website’s page rank.

Google has announced recently that it is now using a portion of social search for its listings. SEO experts have found this to be true when they discovered that pages that rank well on sites like Facebook tend to rank well in search engines.

Through Facebook marketing, brand owners can have a clear understanding of what kind of content to use. Social media also allows them to find keywords that they can use in on-page optimization.

Additionally, Facebook allows companies to share content with a targeted audience that is most likely willing to share these to their friends. This can result to more inbound traffic since social media allows quality and relevant links to be directed to a brand’s main website.

More inbound links mean better chances of ranking well in search engines not to mention generating conversions through lead capture forms and autoresponders placed strategically on a website.

Facebook also works well in reputation management. Positive buzz created from people talking about a brand is easily picked up by Google. These good referrals affect page rank as much as social search does and is good for the brand’s website.

Google acquires new social media asset

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In an effort to boost its social media presence, Google has acquired Wildfire—a social media management firm.

The search engine giant announced today that it has successfully purchased Wildfire, along with its co-founders Victoria Ransom and Alain Chuard. The company will add social media expertise to Google, including specialized content, ads, and promotions for Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Experts forecast that the combined efforts of both companies will eventually result in better digital media marketing.

According to Google’s product management director Jason Miller, the end goal is fresher content and better interactions. “People today can make their voices heard in ways that were previously impossible,” explained Miller. “Wildfire helps businesses uphold their end of the conversation (or spark a new one).”

In the past few months, Google has been strengthening its social media presence—providing services tailor-made for the platform. With the help of Wildfire, the search engine will create new opportunities to engage users on social media.

As of press time, the details of the acquisition were left undisclosed.


Olympic opening ceremony dry run leaks through social media

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On Tuesday, the social media world was buzzing about the rehearsal for the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. In an attempt to keep the ceremony, director Danny Boyle pleaded for the spectators to “save the surprise.”

Thousands of people attended the rehearsal at the Olympic Stadium on Monday as the final test run for the $42-million ceremony was being conducted.

Boyle, the ceremony’s artistic director, told the audience—which was composed of organizers and other relevant personnel—not to leak any details about the much-anticipated worldwide event.

Boyle, an Oscar winner, and his team of creatives did a great job of keeping the ceremony secret.

Still, the 55-year-old said that he acknowledges the power of social media. He knows that the audience would leak information through Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites. Thus, Boyle knew that keeping everything under wraps was quite impossible.

Not to Boyle’s surprise, photos of the test run were quickly uploaded online with captions of excitement and praise.

Source: Yahoo Sports

How can online businesses take full advantage of social media marketing?

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For an online business, social media marketing is a must!

It’s a widely targeted campaign that uses various social media platforms to engage and compel consumers. And it’s been an effective medium so far. In fact, many companies have setup their own pages and profiles YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

Still, stats indicate that companies in social media sites are not taking full advantage of the platforms. According to figures from, the average mid-size corporation has more than 170 social media assets; yet they only teach 20% of their staff on how to maximize these assets for the company’s benefit.

Maximizing social media profiles is a matter of engagement. According to research, most companies tend to ignore consumers’ queries when they’re issued online. For instance, companies on Twitter tend to ignore Direct Messages. Being online isn’t enough! Companies need to be active and entertaining when they’re online.

Here are some other things that can help:
•    Post high-quality, compelling images
•    For content, pick quality over quantity on all occasions
•    Integrate online and offline campaigns
•    Invest in good video content
•    Talk to your fans and followers!

Social media jobs to increase in US

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Experts say that the United States will produce more social media jobs in the coming 12 months. Based on BLS data, the country will experience a 21-percent increase in social media employment. This represents thousands of new jobs that will open up in 2013 and 2014.

With the growth of social media employment in the past two years, it’s no surprise organizations are looking for people who are familiar with the field. Companies are now creating jobs that focus on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

Mind you, these aren’t second-rate jobs. According to the BLS Occupational Handbook 2012, a social media manager can earn up to $27 per hour.

Furthermore, these jobs don’t require college degrees—which makes it a powerful tool against unemployment. As long as an individual knows how to operate a computer and is familiar with social media sites, he/she can apply for these jobs in companies like Paid Social Media Corp.

In some cases, companies streamline other departments to open up opportunities for social media tasks. Social media is now an integral part of a brand’s advertising and marketing, making it a vital part of its operations.

Source: PRWeb

US sprinter lashes out on the strict social media rules of the London Olympics

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Strict social media laws for athletes of the London Olympics are going to be implemented by the International Olympic Committee. A number of athletes have already responded negatively to these social media guidelines.

According to reports, the IOC will only allow tweets, blogs, and posts in other social networks in form of a first-person perspective.

Also, sharing videos from the Olympic Village is prohibited, and athletes need to ask permission from their peers before posting photos them online.

Nick Symmonds, a sprinter for the United States, told Mashable that the rules were “ludicrous.” He also mentioned that the Committee went too far with the guidelines.

In addition to that, Symmonds questioned why the IOC would limit use of a media format that can increase the event’s exposure.

Symmonds continued: “If you’re trying to make these the most watched Games in the history of the world, why would you take the people responsible for that history and say, ‘Hey, you can’t do that, you can’t share?’ Limiting it seems so stupid.”

Source: Herald Sun