Elements of a Free Website Analysis

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google analyticsAnalysis is an integral part of maintaining a website nowadays. With stiff competition brewing on the internet, it is important to find out how visitors behave when they are on a website, how they use it, and where most the traffic is coming from so that owners can devise plans on how to improve user experience on the site.

Free website analysis is available from many sources on the internet but the most popular remains to be Google analytics. The most notable elements of this service are:

  • Interface:  with the simple and rather intuitive interface of Google analytics, users are given the chance to view number of visitors to the keywords they used to find the site with just a few clicks.
  • Search Results:  it allows users to know  the quality of clicks that relates to their site
  • AdWords Integration:  Google Analytics easily allows you to track all of a website’s AdWords functionality.
  • Link Tracking:  it allows you to track the quality of links present in the site.
  • Search Engine Traffic:  it gives users the chance to see the kind of traffic search engines send to a site and just how much of it is converted to sales.
  • Comparisons:  Google analytics allows users to compare traffic and conversion during visitors’ peak and lean hours when it comes to internet use.
  • Filter Functionality: this element allows the user to search through lines and lines of data easier than going through spread sheets.

Social media: the new recruitment tool

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According to research, social media is a becoming a standard part of Human Resources recruitment processes.

Jobinvite, a recruitment software provider, claims that more than 90% of United States-based companies use social networks and media to locate talent. The percentage marks a 78% growth compared to five years ago.

LinkedIn is the most frequently used social network to scout prospects. It’s closely followed by Facebook and Twitter.

The research also suggests that the use of social media is becoming very helpful for companies. In 2012 alone, more than 70% of employers have already hired candidates through social media. Also, HR departments report that hiring through social media takes less time compared to the conventional recruitment process.

For social media in employment market, all indicators point to growth. And this is a trend businesses cannot afford to ignore.

Source: ZDNet

Twitter Hashtags—what are they?

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Twitter HashtagsTwitter hashtags is one of the most useful things in the Twitterverse because not only do they determine the trending topics on a global scale, they also serve as an effective indexing mechanism that can be used on Twitter itself, and also on search engines like Google. It effectively shows under what category or type a tweet is filed under.

Hashtags can be compared to keywords used in SEO. They make searching for information on Twitter easier and simpler. They also provide an avenue for conversations for specific topics like global or local news, special events, and even brands, products and services to take place. In fact, they originally served the purpose of providing a sort of chat for Twitter users in the past.

Companies can benefit from these hashtags by using them in their Twitter marketing strategy. Through these, companies can draw followers towards the brand, thus increasing the chance of meeting and engaging with potential customers.

Hashtags also allow customer queries to be answered easier and faster since using them automatically indexes tweets and makes locating them on twitter effortless.

Most importantly, hashtags serve as neon signs that let users know that the company or brand, in fact, exists.

Social Media fans and followers of NASA get invites to RBSP mission launch in August

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NASA is extending an invitation to its social media fans and followers to a two-day event on August 22 and 23 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the launch of the agency’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes.

The event is classified as a NASA Social, which means it will give people the chance to interact with the employees of the government organization. The invitation is given to social media users who engage with NASA through its different social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

The event will be culminated by the launch of the twin RBSP spacecraft on August 23.

Registration for participants opens on July 5 and closes on July 9. Reports indicate that registration is only applicable to US citizens since some of the activities will be held in restricted areas.

Participants will get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how NASA operates. They are encouraged to share their experiences through their preferred social media sites.

The twin RBSP spacecraft was built by the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. According to sources, it will provide data about the earth’s radiation belts and help scientists forecast changes in an important part of space.

Celebrating Social Media Day on June 30

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Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It demonstrates the evolution of social communication into a digital platform. And no day celebrates its contribution more than Social Media Day.

Already in its third year, Social Media Day is a day dedicated to meet-ups as people see each other face to face and create networks with others in their city or hometown.

Last year,—which started the event—named Cincinnati the “Most Social City” after seeing an impressive video submission from Blair Ward, a law student from Northern Kentucky University. The video centered on how social media has been integrated into the heart of Cincinnati.

This year, Social Media Day in the Tri-State will be celebrated on the Purple People Bridge on June 30.

What do teenagers think about social media?

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According to a national survey, most teens have made social media and mobile texting parts of their lives. However, they still prefer communicating personally with their friends and loved ones.

In general, the survey indicated that teenagers believe social media is making a positive impact in their lives—specifically their relationships and self-image. Most of these teenagers have grown up with Facebook, making it an integral part of their daily communications.

Based on survey statistics, one of five teenagers say that using social media boosts their confidence and popularity.

The study, which was conducted by Common Sense Media, was comprised of more than 1,000 teenagers ranging from 13 to 17 years old. The results debunk common beliefs about the use of social networks, such as it leads to isolation, bullying, and unwanted publication of private information.

There were indicators of exhaustion about the concept, however. More than 40% of the participants claimed that there are times that they just want to unplug their internet devices for various reasons, including weariness and the pressure to post and update their profiles.

With regard to general communication, majority of teenagers prefer mobile texting. In fact, more respondents prefer texting instead of accessing their social media profiles to get in touch with their peers and loved ones.

Among social media sites, Facebook remains to be the most favored by youngsters followed by Twitter, Google+, and MySpace.

Zynga adds social-networking service for online games

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Zynga is introducing a new social-networking service that will allow users to play online games across numerous mobile devices and sites.

Zynga With Friends will allow interactive game-playing across different sites, including Zynga and Facebook. The coverage involves Apple and Google, as well as different computers and smartphones.

Zynga’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus believes that Zynga With Friends can reach new users on the web and mobile devices. He says that players outside of Facebook should be welcome to play Zynga online games.

In addition to that, the new service will also let game developers install social features to their offerings. This will make interaction easier for friends and acquaintances who are playing the games together.

Google+ Local Overthrows Google Places

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google plus localOver 8,000 Google Places accounts have been moved recently to Google + Local—the supposed replacement for Places when it comes to indexing local businesses. This allows for social media integration which plays a vital role nowadays in a website’s page rank.

While some users were worried that their reviews and photos might be lost due to the shift, Google assured them that these are imported to the new Google + Local accounts and are better placed on the new interface so that customers will be able to see them easily.

Google Places’ old rating style of using stars is now replacesdwith the 30-point system as part of Google’s merge with Zagat. Moreover, customers can easily post reviews and recommend businesses to their friends and followers through the Circles’ function of Google +.

Google + Local allow business owners to easily interact with their customers through posting and commenting. They can also attend to customer queries and concerns easily.

Replacing Google Places with Google + Locals is useful both for business owners and Google as well. The earlier can promote their business to a wider range of people while the latter can increase the popularity of its social networking service.

Is it alright to access social media at the workplace?

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The growth of social media is causing confusion in the workplace. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks are blurring the line between personal and professional limitations in the workplace. Nearly 30% of workers believe that it’s acceptable to use social media while they’re at work.

On the other side of things, more than 40% of workers claim that social media access at work hinders productivity. In America, the older generations expressed more concern about social media compared to younger ones. In addition to that, almost 50% of workers say that mixing personal and professional connections through social media can result in problems in the office.

These statistics are taken from a recent survey from Kelly Global Workforce Index, an annual survey conducted by Kelly Services. More than 160,000 people participated in the survey across 30 countries.

Based on the results, geographic location and age largely affect an individual’s perception about social media in the workplace.

Michigan committee passes bill against employer access to employee social media accounts

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A Michigan House committee has passed legislation on a bill preventing employers and universities from asking prospective employees and students for access to their social media profiles and personal e-mail accounts.

House Bill 5523 is aimed at preventing discrimination against candidates who refuse to surrender usernames and passwords of their social media and e-mail accounts.

According to reports, the Bill has successfully moved the through the House Energy and Technology Committee. It will now proceed to the full House for consideration.

Analysts say that the bill was inspired by published reports from all over the United States saying that employers are demanding access to their job candidates’ social media accounts during initial interviews.