Windows Phone loses Facebook and Flickr photo feature

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Windows PhoneOne of the top-selling points of the Windows Phone is its photo integration with Facebook and Flickr. However, the company appears to have removed this feature.

While the phone’s picture editing features have been greatly improved, it has removed its drop and storage options for Facebook and Flickr.

According to a Microsoft rep, the photo integration with Facebook and Flickr were initially released because of the shortage of apps for the platform. The spokesperson explained, “Now there are many apps in the store that offer ways to view photos on other services. We’re confident Facebook will offer great ways to view and engage socially with photos on Facebook. We welcome Flickr to do the same.”

So far, the reception for the removal of the integration has been met by disappointment from users. Still, Facebook recently mentioned that it’s committed to creating an app for Windows 8.

Source: The Verge

Twitter tests embedded sites feature

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TwitterTwitter is testing a new feature that lets users connect tweets to longer-form stories. The new addition attempts to add context to short 140-character tweets.

The new feature will add a list of sites where the tweet was embedded. Sites will appear beneath tweets under the heading “embedded on these websites.” The additional information includes website names, headlines, as well as links.

As of press time, Twitter has not released a comment on the new feature. But it has been confirmed that it is currently available in limited release.

The embedded sites feature will be an integral addition to the marketing platform of the site. Not to mention, it will give users real-time access to relevant sources about the tweet without the links being counted under 140-character limit.

Source: CNET

Email trumps social media as a marketing platform, according to new study

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Email MarketingIn the past few years, social media marketing has surged. And for good reason: more and more people are flocking to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Still, a new study suggests that social media may not be the best internet marketing platform.

A new study from Custora found that e-mail is still the best way to reach online customers and markets. According to the study, customer acquisition via email has increased by 400% in the last four years.

“Email marketing has been a growing trend in e-commerce, with an increasing number of retailers building communities and collecting email addresses, then converting those ‘members’ into customers,” said the study. “Organic search continues to grow as a reliable channel, (accounting for nearly 16% of customers acquired) reinforcing efforts to complement products with relevant and informative editorial content along with investing in search engine marketing.”

In addition to that, email also recorded better customer lifetime value compared to social media.

The study was based on a sample size of 72-million customers from 86 retailers across 14 industries in the United States.

Source: smartplanet

Tips to avoid getting hacked on social media

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Social Media SecurityWhat do McDonald’s and Jeep have in common? Apart from being high-profile brands, they also have online social media profiles. And both of them have been recently hacked!

Whenever brand pages become hacked, it becomes a big problem in terms of online reputation management. Hackers tend to post inappropriate messages to thousands of fans on social media.

Recently, an article from TIME revealed simple ways to avoid being hacked on social media:

•    Create a tough password. Also, create an official username and a password that will be used by everyone that needs access. Managers should not be able to select their own passwords and usernames.
•    Consolidate all social media accounts into one system that lets you publish items for all sites
•    Provide basic social media training for employees, specially on security and compliance issues

For more information, please visit TIME.

A beer born in social media

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BrewDog Social MediaBrewDog, the popular Scottish brewery, turned to its Twitter followers to develop its latest beer concoction. Using #MashTag, the company launched rounds of fan voting to determine what elements to integrate in its latest beer, including its brew and even its logo.

In the past days, BrewDog used Twitter to offer its fans options. For instance, fans chose the hashtag #MashTag over #CrewDog and #CrowdControl. Also, the brand’s Twitter followers chose to make an American Brown Ale instead of Imperial or Session Brown Ale.

“Inspired by the passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm of craft beer drinkers, we set out to create a truly democratic craft beer,” said BrewDog in its official blog. “. We entrusted all the important decisions to our fans, customers, and anyone who wanted to learn more about the craft brewing process and cast their vote.”

BrewDog’s Twitter campaign is considered by many experts as a tremendous success. It engaged its community and gave them a relevant topic to talk about.

Source: CNET

LinkedIn Creates More Personalized Homepages

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LinkedInIn its effort to optimize the user experience on their website, LinkedIn has recently launched a couple of new features. Located at the right-hand side of the Homepage, the “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” and the “You Recently Visited” features aim to provide “more personalized insights on your activities and engagement across LinkedIn”.

The “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” feature shows a simplified snapshot of what a user has shared in the last fourteen days, who has seen it, as well as how many people like or shared them. The beauty of this feature is that it allows users to see how their content is received by first, second, and third degree networks paving the way for real time feedback.

On the other hand, the “You Recently Visited” feature highlights recently viewed profiles, searches, as well as group discussions that a user has participated in. This makes re-tracing one’s steps and reengaging in conversations much easier.

These new additions intend to make it easier for users to “begin each day armed with the knowledge and insights you need to be productive and successful”.

According to the LinkedIn blog, these new features go hand in hand with the previous updates they have rolled out in past few months including:

•             New streamlined navigation: To make it easier for you to quickly locate the features and content that are most valuable to you.

•             Add rich media to your updates: Share pictures, videos and documents that add a richer and more visual component to your professional updates.

•             Call out your connections: Directly mention one of your 1st degree connections in your updates from the Homepage to start conversations, share knowledge and engage with your connections on LinkedIn.

Introducing the Anti-Social Media App

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Hell Is Other People Social Media AppSocial media brings friends and loved ones together online. Or does it?

A new app called “Hell Is Other People” does exactly the opposite. Using FourSquare, it tracks check-ins in registered locations and shows you the best possible routes and areas to avoid your “friends.”

Created by Scott Garner, the app tests whether or not the concept of “anti-social media” is possible. To use it, social media users need to connect their accounts to “Hell Is Other People.” The app then creates an avoidance map for its users.

“The key to the idea started when I moved to New York for grad school,” said Garner, who’s a master’s degree candidate in the interactive telecommunications program of NYU. “It was overwhelming for me to be around so many people in the city, and social anxiety was at the top of my mind at the time.”

For more information, visit ABCNews.

Twitter to integrate DVR mode

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Twitter logoDick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, hinted on numerous upcoming features for the micro-blogging site—including plans to create a DVR mode.

Speaking at the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, Costolo hinted on the social media site’s plans to integrate a DVR-like function for planned events like televised events.

Costolo liked the functionality of the idea—giving users the option to watch events even on a delayed basis.

Experts attribute the idea to the site’s acquisition of Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company. Most recently, the site has launched TV ad targeting mechanisms through Promoted Tweets—which are powered by Bluefin Labs. Twitter has also unveiled partnerships with BBC America, Fox, and The Weather Channel.

Currently, the company has been testing its upcoming second screen app—which intends to be the ultimate ally for TV audiences.

Apart from the DVR feature, Costolo also mentioned plans to address cyberbullying and to filter “noise” during live events.

Source: TechCrunch

Facebook addresses privacy glitch

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Facebook Privacy GlitchOn Friday, Facebook admitted that a year-old glitch erroneously leaked 6-million users’ contact information.

The social media site sent e-mails to all users who were affected by the glitch. It also posted an announcement titled “Important Message from Facebook’s White Hat Program” from its security team’s account.

In the notice, Facebook said that the bug is very complex. And it was followed by a very technical explanation. In fact, the note was so complicated that most of the feedback about it was negative.

For more details on the letter, please visit The Huffington Post.

Ben Sollee to play The Music Hall Loft

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Ben SolleeBen Sollee will be playing at The Music Hall Loft this October as part of The Music Hall’s Martingale Wharf Singer Songwriter Series.

The renowned cello player incorporates innovative techniques to create a unique blend of folk, jazz, bluegrass, and R&B. His vocal style is described as a one-of-a-kind fusion of rough, smooth, and smoky.

Sollee will perform at The Music Hall on October 4, 2013.

Ticket prices start at $20 and will begin sales next month. For more information, please visit The Music Hall.