Twitter adds new features for marketers

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TwitterAccording to research, around 80% of marketers use Twitter for spreading news and updates.

With its growing popularity as a news platform, the micro-blogging site recently upgraded its features to allow managers to deliver branded content—including new mobile-sharing features.

Account holders can now upload photos in fewer steps. They’ll also give users full-image previews.

In addition to that, the update lets marketers add and remove location data straight from the Tweet box. It also allows for easier navigation between multiple accounts.

The power of real-time content gives marketers the chance to deliver content to their customers in a timely manner. Through Twitter, brands can easily connect with customers and potential clients at a more casual basis.

Source: Brafton

Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn to play at The Music Hall

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Bela Fleck and Abigail WashburnThe musical duo of Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn is set to visit The Music Hall in August.

Fleck is widely regarded as one of the best banjo players in the world. Washburn, on the other hand, is known as a very talented musician. The two will be playing music they developed as a couple. The songs will be composed of traditional and original compositions.

Fleck is known in the musical genres of bluegrass, jazz, pop, and rock. He has won 15 Grammys and has collaborated with many established names in the industry.

Washburn has also established herself as a musician. She fuses folk elements with innovative sounds, resulting in a unique blend of music.

Ticket prices start at $32.25. For more information, please visit The Music Hall.

Controversial Taco Bell picture stirs up social media

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Taco Bell Fan PageThe origins of the photo have yet to be traced, but it has been posted numerous times in the Facebook Page of Taco Bell. It also hasn’t been confirmed if the shells were meant for customer consumption.

As of press time, representatives from Taco Bell were unavailable for comment. Likewise, the restaurant chain has yet to address the social media feeds.

Speculators describe the picture as a mere prank. But investigations are underway to determine exactly where the picture came from.

Source: Mashable

Paul Bissonnette uses social media to return a lost wallet

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Paul BissonnettePaul Bissonnette, the left winger for the Phoenix Coyotes, used his Twitter account to help out a tourist.

Bissonnette used the micro-blogging site to return a man’s wallet. The wallet belonged to Ryan Bodnar, a tourist from Canadian visiting Bissonnette’s home town of Scottsdale. Bodnar left the wallet in the back of a cab.

Bissonnette posted a Twitter on photo of an ID in the wallet along with the cab driver’s information. One of his 428,000 followers knew Bodnar and connected him to the cab driver. Everything inside the wallet, including the cash, was accounted for.

This is a great example of how to combine honesty and citizenship with social media.

Source: USAToday

Does your social media profile affect your job prospects?

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Social Media JobAccording to a survey from On Device Research, one in ten people aged 16 to 34 have been turned down for job opportunities due to something they posted on a social media site.

“If getting a job wasn’t hard enough in this tough economic climate, young people are getting rejected from employment because of their social media profiles and they are not concerned about it,” explained Sarah Quinn, ODR’s marketing manager.

More than 60% of the participants claimed that they aren’t concerned about how social media could affect their prospective job postings. Hence, it will not change how they interact with social networks.

The survey also found that most young people design their social media profiles to appeal to their friends rather than prospective employers.

Source: The Daily Caller

Council addresses misuse of social media

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social mediaLast year, a council worker in Wales was fired for misusing social media. And, according to reports, the incident has served as a warning to others.

In 2012, there were 14 cases of social media misuse in the council staff. The violations included suggestive comments, threats, and even criticism of concerned authorities.

Powys council reported three cases of social media misuse—all of them in Facebook.

One of the employees sent inappropriate messages to a learner in the social media site. Two others posted inappropriate comments which could be deemed disreputable for the council.

These violators were issued corresponding penalties by the Powys council.

In an interview with BBC, Matthew Sinclair—the chief executive of the TaxPayer’s Alliance—said that the council took the appropriate course of action in these matters.

“Taxpayers want to know that council staff are using their time properly and getting value for local residents’ cash,” said Sinclair. “Whilst social media can be useful for letting residents know what the council are up to and for increasing transparency, it’s important that it’s not misused.”

He concluded: “If council staff are posting inappropriate comments on social media accounts then appropriate action must be taken.”

Source: BBC News

How do you leverage social media for a charity?

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Social MediaIn a recent article published in The Guardian, writer Neil Brady outlined tips on how to leverage social media for charities.

Since its creation, social media has been a wonderful communication tool. Apart from marketers and brands, the platform is also a haven for charities. Still, some charities do not know how to fully take advantage of social media’s power.

Here’s a brief summary of Brady’s tips:
•    Define a clear purpose for you charity’s use of social media
•    Use the platform to post information and address concerns about your charity
•    Engage audiences by posting relevant information about your charity
•    Use measurement tools to scale the success of your social media campaign
•    Be cost-effective

For more, please visit the original article here.

Conversocial receives multi-million investment to expand to the US

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ConversocialConversocial, a social customer service software company, has recently secured $4.4-million A2 round led by Octopus Investments.

The investment is geared towards the UK-based company’s expansion to the US, along with product development and hiring.

Conversocial is a social media management software that is leading the third generation of CRM social tools.

According to Joshua March—the company’s founder, the main emphasis of the software is powering customer service with social networks.

“Users have learned that tweeting a complaint or question, or posting it on Facebook, is a lot faster and easier than calling a customer service line or sending an email,” explained March. “Plus, it adds a level of transparency to the conversation because everything is public.”

Conversocial takes into account social media conversations. It works inside a company’s call center, helping its representatives prioritize complaints, concerns, and even questions.

The company has managed to gather an impressive list of clients, including Barclaycard, GoDaddy, Hertz, and Sephora.

Source: TechCrunch

Meghan McCain learns about her father’s trip in Twitter

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Meghan McCainWhen news broke that John McCain went to Syria to meet members of the opposition, his daughter found out the same way everybody else did—through Twitter.

When Meghan McCain learned about her father’s trip, she tweeted: “Nothing quite like finding out via twitter that my father secretly snuck into Syria and met with rebel leaders.”

She later posted a follow-up tweet saying that she admires the actions of her father.

It triggered mixed responses from the Twitter community—some accused her of being egoistic, while others commented on the communication between herself and her father.

Meghan will be launching her own talk show in August titled “Raising McCain.”

Source: Huffington Post

Social media advertising is set to grow

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Social MediaSocial media has great promise as an ad platform. And it’s easy to see why.

Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are daily online destinations of millions of consumers. To make it more precise for advertisers, sites are arming themselves with targeting systems that help brands show their ads to the right demographics.

In a recent study from BI Intelligence, the current status of social media advertising was put under the microscope. Here are some of the key findings:

•    Because of its scale and amount of users, social media offers a uniquely massive advertising opportunity
•    It’s ripe for growth as forecasts indicate a $6.3-billion increase in social ad spending from 2012 to 2017
•    Mobile access will only make social media a much stronger platform