Facebook introduces Graph Search

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Facebook Graph SearchFacebook is integrating a socially-driven search engine to its systems. According to Mark Zuckerburg—the website’s founder and CEO, Graph Search will let users find people, pages, and places through likes and shares within their Facebook community.

Graph Search is meant to increase overall engagement on Facebook, which has a community of more than 1-billion users. The new feature uses social network history and information to organize its search results. In fact, users can perform searches specific to their social network. For instance, a user can type in the query “my friends in New York” and the Graph Search would pool in relevant entries.

Experts say that Facebook’s new feature will not compete with search engines, like Google and Yahoo! The social media site has created its own search system, which will instantly become one of its strongest features. Currently, the new feature is in its early beta phases.

Reports indicate that Facebook has no plans to monetize Graph Search.


Utilizing Reddit for Social Media Marketing

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Reddit for Social Media MarketingIf fun is the main concept of a business to showcase its products to a customer, then Reddit is probably one of the best social networking sites owners can use to get noticed online. It is an innovative social news platform that allows users to tackle and vote on content that other users submitted.

There are several ways to utilize and get the most out of this system:

1. Since Reddit is an interactive site, businesses do not have to write posts as if they are talking to their fans. It is better to just encourage users to voice out their thoughts through submissions.

2. Ensure good customer service. In any industry, a good customer service is the key to having loyal customers.

3. Build a stable network. Anyone can create a sub-Reddit, so, it would be very easy to gather potential supporters and customers. Here are some ways to strengthen a Reddit network:

  • Have a common naming convention
  • Have a common navigation
  • Make sure that the pictures and text that are posted are good quality.

4. Always update customers about the latest news and upcoming events related to the business. Emphasize news that’s inspiring and convincing.

5. Interview users from time to time. Know their feelings and thoughts about the posts, as well as about the products they’ve acquired if there’s any.

6. Ensure that the company’s posts are always timely.

To learn more about reddit, visit

Utilizing Pinterest for Social Media Marketing

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Pinterest for SMMIt is a widely accepted idea in the marketing world that aesthetic appeal has a great impact on people’s receptiveness towards posters and similar graphics when it comes to advertisements. In the era of online advertising, business owners are given the chance to apply this concept through Pinterest—the virtual equivalent of traditional bulletin boards that entrepreneurs can use to encourage their customers to patronize their products and services.

First of all, this application does not require too many words. Making a page visually satisfying is the way to make this tool work. It is important, therefore, that relevant and interesting graphics and texts are used.

In addition, engaging with other users through interactive activities like sharing pictures that were chosen by other users is important when maintaining a Pinterest account for a business. This will open new doors to accommodate more viewers.

Another thing that Internet marketers who are using Pinterest should do is to learn how to appreciate other users’ updates. Liking and commenting on others posts will do the trick.

It is also important for business owners to understand the dominant demographics of the social networking site that they are using for SMM. In the case of Pinterest, it statistically has more female users.

It is true that a lot of social networking sites are coming out and aids businesses and Pinterest is surely one of the effective ones when utilized properly.

SEM Tips for Analytics

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Social Media AnalyticsSearch Engine Web Marketing is still one of the biggest players in many company’s promotional efforts. That being said every channel that a company targets has to be very receptive to guarantee the effectiveness of the SEM strategy being used. Because of this, most companies entertain the idea of hyper-targeting the preference of their intended market and customers through an efficient SEM strategy.

There are several tools that analytics professionals use to ensure the efficiency and quality of their SEM exploit. Tools such as Omniture and WebTrends as well as Google Analytics have gained popularity among many web-based companies. However, these tools have data limitations hence; there is a need for a deeper understanding of how they work.

SEM can only work effectively in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites through a cleanly plotted and dedicated plan. Many advocate that the plan should involve the identification of keyword “arbitrage” opportunities. This means that one should focus on strong keywords since average ones do not gain enough hits for them to get noticed. Although the difference in algorithms affect search results, strong keywords still have the edge of earning high Google hits.

The search engine marketing industry doesn’t come as easy as it sounds. The demands for an effective SEM-driven social media networking site are quite large. Therefore, starting on the most essential step which is finding the right keyword is imperative to be able to keep up with these demands.

SEM for Improved Optimization

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Serach Engine Marketing TipsBased from social media marketing tips, there are three things that a starting SEO practitioner must know: the relationship between keyword management and website content, metadata and tags and their use in picture tagging, and web linking strategies.

Since search engine optimization or SEO has become the most lucrative theme in web design and development, search engine marketing has followed suit and increased in demand. Many websites today including personal blogs now employ SEO tactics. However, proliferation of such methods rendered SEO to become generic and confusing.

Before being able to use SEM, one must first understand the well-established rules behind it. The relationship between keyword management and content has long been established.  A rule of thumb is that there should be no more than 2 keywords in each webpage and no more than 3 webpages per keyword. That being said, content should always be reader-friendly. Moreover, using keywords sparingly is a must.

In addition, using metadata and tags is another feat that one must understand and use. These tools do not only categorize content, but also makes it easy for the search engines to locate them through the categories they belong to.

Finally, SEM greatly benefits from link building since web links from well-established sites can generate traffic towards a website.

Understanding Social Media Marketing

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Social Media MarketingNowadays, it is not uncommon to find internet-based companies to strategically publish blogs posts and certain entries in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media networking sites. Little do they know that a social media strategy is highly essential for the realization of their prime goals.

In addition, they are actually missing the whole point of having a set of effective social media marketing tips that could lead into a more productive outcome.

The first thing that SMM experts would advise a beginner is for him to device a social media strategy that involves E-communications tools such as Web Searching, Content Marketing, and Emailing. Several social media marketing tips would maintain that a well-established social media strategy is the optimum key behind long-term SMM success.

A social media strategy guide is the best place to start one’s voyage to effective understanding of SMM. This guide has been built and created for companies and people who wish to engage in a more favorable and more productive SMM-driven site. The guide contains many useful social media marketing tips, including, how to come up with an integrated strategy, the different tools and techniques for an efficient SMM program, and “how-to” advices on using Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and many others in marketing online, among others.

Moreover, the critically-acclaimed guide clearly defines the scope and limitations of social media marketing in general. In addition, included in the guide are several content and engagement strategies that work hand-in-hand in basic SMM. Finally, several social media platforms are given feedback and in-depth review in the said guide to give people the main idea of what they are actually having just by using a particular social media site.

Leveraging Mobile Apps for Effective SEO

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mobile apps advertisingMobile app leveraging does not necessarily mean that one should come up with mobile apps for the sole purpose of building links and gaining a spot in search engine results. Excellent quality apps for mobile phones do not come in very affordable rates. Investing much time in creating several apps is therefore a risk waiting to unfold. What experts in mobile apps advise people and companies however is to focus on a single app first before expanding and branching it out into a few more. Besides, leveraging a single app is more ideal than leveraging several ones.

The simplest way and perhaps the first step in leveraging mobile apps is by sending them to review sites. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for people to stumble upon app review sites. The significance of doing so is that users come to such sites to learn and discover apps based on the review and feedback they get prior to purchasing them.

Another effective means of leveraging an app is to submit or create a press release prior to its launching. In addition, one could also come up with news or posts about the app’s latest updates and possible progress. CNET is one of the best sites to publish a press release since it already has an established audience.

Forum participation is also one of the most efficient leveraging tools. Through active participation in app fora, app developers and owners can directly answer a query from a user as well as a prospective client. Another advantage of this tool is the number of viewers it has; hence, mobile apps easily gain popularity over a short period of time.

Search Engine Marketing Made Simple

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Serach Engine Marketing TipsEffective search engine marketing is very upfront and straightforward compared to previous online advertising exploits. The thing about SEM is that people who engage into it learn and get acquainted to its principles, advantages, and drawbacks the longer time they spend in studying if not using it.

Search engine marketing is primarily all about generating positive response from one’s target market. This response is expected to either lead to gaining new clients or having repeat customers. This is because the basis of SEM is pretty much similar to any marketing tool or endeavour. Almost the same types of discipline apply to both: from the cost per head of prospective clients, revenue, and whatnot.

For people who wish to engage in the SEM phenomenon, it is quite essential for them to understand first what this marketing campaign strategy is all about. The problem that a lot of people encounter during their starting stage with SEM is the lack of proper understanding of its disciplines. They tend to enjoy the idea of using the web as a marketing means without even proper training and know how about SEM. Thus, it is not surprising how some of these people end up having sites that do not at all get noticed or generate any leads.

The best search engine marketing tip, of course is to understand its rudiments, mechanism, and plausible disadvantages. Direct marketing through SEM is never at all that hard of a task. The only thing that hinders people into realizing their full potential in the field is their lack of willpower to explore, discover, and basically learn even just the simplest details on how search engine marketing works.

Marketing Strategies with Apps

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mobile advertisingWith over a hundred million smartphones currently being used in the United States alone, businesses are now finding these mobile devices as a wonderful platform to spread their marketing messages particularly in the apps department. Business owners can effectively promote their brand, products, and services on more people through the help of mobile applications. Below are two ways in which to do that:

1. Use third party apps to advertise the brand. If there are available apps (and the chances of that are fairly high) that are relevant and related to the brand’s products and services, it is good to tap these. This is not only very cost effective since there are ad networks that cover mobile marketing but also makes it simpler to place ads on apps, thanks to the fact that business owners need not talk with individual app developers.

Understand, however, that brand owners may not have control on the ad location. Going by this might also lead to not reaching a brand’s target market.

2. Build an app specific to the brand. Through this option, reaching the desired target market becomes easier. Business owners are able to show their prospects what they are really selling. Moreover, they have more control on the aesthetics and the function of the app.

Business owners must remember though to create a useful app to be successful in this endeavor.

YouTube Marketing Automation

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Youtube MarketingAutomation plays a big part in making online marketing efforts simpler and easier for business owners. Programs like Tube Toolbox allows users to build up their channel for promotional purposes while staying within the terms and conditions set by YouTube.

This particular tool allows users to gather YouTube user IDs based on niche targeted keywords as well as on location ad age of prospects. It also allows users to get IDs from other channel friends and subscribers lists. Additionally, filters like last login and number of videos, subscribers and friends can also be used.

After acquiring the audience that a user needs, he can then send mass friend invites, messages, channel comments, and video comments. Subscribing to other channels and sending videos to friends and subscribers are also automated through this tool.

The benefit of automating YouTube Marketing efforts is that business owners can easily amass a targeted list to build up their channel. From this, they can easily have their videos rise up in SERPs. It also takes a little time and effort to learn how to use it. But there are helpful tutorials available online to help business owners with this.

However, the tool has some drawbacks as well including not being able to support proxies and it has no CAPTCHA support. Moreover, YouTube can only be changed every three days.

Business owners can try this service for free or have paid subscription that costs $9.95 a month or $70 per year or $140 for a lifetime license.