5 Youtube Tips

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Youtube LogoWith Youtube videos becoming more integrated with search results on Google, setting up a channel especially for small businesses can result in better online presence especially when it is paired with SEO strategies. Business owners can upload videos whose content is relevant to the brand and its products and services. There are certain things to remember when setting up a Youtube channel for a business:

  1. Use the brand or company’s name for the channel’s name. Business owners can also opt to use creative but relevant names that reflect the nature of the company.
  2. Don’t forget to link back to the company’s website within the channel’s settings. Doing so drives traffic to the website which is good for lead generation and conversion.
  3. Make the channel page standout through using a specialized background. Make sure that it reflects the company. Always bear in mind that a channel is an extension of the main website so it has to be parallel with each other.
  4. Use keywords to boost the channel’s position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Youtube videos get great index rates on SERPs so bank on that. However, be smart when using keywords and avoid stuffing them.
  5. Finally, always embed videos on the brand’s main website especially if it adds to the useful content contained within the website. This helps Google find the page and also adds to conversation and engagement.

Youtube Keyword Tool

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Youtube Keyword ToolMuch like typical search engines, Youtube videos rely on user queries to be found. Typically, where user search queries are involved, keywords are found as well. Knowing what keywords works best for a brand or company is crucial especially if business owners want their campaigns to become effective.

Some business owners and even marketers, however, are not aware that there is a native Keyword Tool on Youtube that helps in improving campaign performance. This keyword tool was launched in 2007 and was designed to enhance the end user experience on Youtube. For small businesses, however, this tool is a rich resource for identifying keywords for online videos which allows them to identify which keywords to use in their video titles, description, and video content.

The Keyword Tool allows users to get new keyword ideas by selecting descriptive words or phrases, or using a Youtube video ID or URL. It also allows users to pick the language and the country that they need. Common keywords on Youtube are anchored on the following:

  • Names (celebrities)
  • Titles (movies, shows)
  • Quotes
  • Actions/verbs
  • Objects in the video (cars, etc.)
  • Emotions (funny, hilarious)

Through this tool, optimizing videos on Youtube becomes easier at the very least especially when paired with other tried and tested tactics.

Avoiding Youtube Termination

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Youtube LogoThere are over 400 minutes of footage uploaded to Youtube every minute. This is why the people behind this website are constantly on the lookout for poor quality content from accounts belonging to scammers, spammers, and those looking for quick traffic and affiliate money. As a result, these accounts are terminated mostly for not complying with Youtube’s terms and conditions.

To avoid this penalty, the primary thing people must remember—especially those with accounts belonging to small businesses, is that top quality content should be king. Focus on giving valuable information to the audience.

Also, avoid using keywords that trigger suspicion from Youtube. Phrases like “Make Money Online” are perceived as junk content and so business owners must avoid using these in titles and descriptions.

Moreover, make sure that the viewers, friends, and subscribers of a channel or account are organic. Automated views simply do not work and do not produce any real results too. It can also get an account into trouble with Youtube.

Finally, avoid posting and using copyrighted material like music, video, and pictures. If needed, use royalty free materials that are considered to be “safe content”.

Youtube is a great platform for small businesses to prosper. It only takes a few precautions to ensure that an account does not get terminated.

FB Ads for SMM

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Facebook LogoSmall businesses are slowly seeing the relevance of using Facebook Ads in their social media marketing arsenal. While there are those who have been successful with this tool in increasing their leads and sales, some are still hesitant with using it for two reasons: 1) they don’t think it will work for them and 2) it seems too expensive. Marketers swear by FB ads though and there are a few simple things to remember so that using it will be effective.

Study other ads on Facebook.  Find out which ones are effective enough to persuade people to click and emulate the structure of the ad. Good places to go to are the FB Adboard and Sponsored Stories.

Use the ad image as a call-to-action or use it to present a special offer. Take note that FB ads only allows 25 characters in the headline, 90 characters in the body, plus a 110×80 pixels picture so making the most out of every element is crucial.

Use Sponsored Story posts because they are cheaper. Use less than 90 characters to fit it in the ad space. Also, make sure that links redirect to the business website or to a YouTube video for the ad.

Finally, do split tests for every element of the ad including the body, the photo, and the headline. Also, test whether a sponsored story would work better than a regular ad. Change one thing at a time for adjustments.

Myspace Revamped

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Myspace logoWith Justin Timberlake’s recent acquisition of Mysace, the then most popular social networking site is now facing total revamp. The people behind it claim that it has been remade from scratch with only two features from the previous design being retained—the top eight friends and the profile music.

The new Myspace, though still not live, has a new design that is optimized for tablet computers. It features a clean and visual design that rolls horizontally closely mimicking that of magazines.  This apparently makes navigating the site easier for users. A music player is placed at the bottom of the page while music plays continuously as users navigate through the platform. Also, most played tracks and videos, as well as the most active fans will be shown on artist profiles.

More than the new sleek design however, the new Myspace takes pride in being the home of up and coming artists. It promises to be a central hub for artists where they can feature their music, connect with their fans (and vice versa), and to build connections with other artists using the platform. Moreover, it will also provide analytics for artists as to who listens to their music according to age, gender, location, and tendencies.

With these changes and improvements on Myspace, artists and fans will be the judge of the revamped site’s performance. Visit for a glimpse of the new Myspace.

Klout’s Social Media Resume

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KloutKlout had a radical redesigning of its service early in the second half of 2012 to make way for the ‘Social Media Resume” experience it wanted its users to have. The major overhaul was aimed at pulling more social media data, tracking more items, and making more reports available to its users.

Three major changes were covered by this revamp. This included a modified Klout Scoring, a refurbished layout, and Klout also made an effort to be more transparent with user content.

Klout scores are now coming from seven different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, foursquare, Klout, and Wikipedia. Over 400 signals are now processed from these sites making for a more comprehensive and more accurate Klout Score System. Moreover, the score summary has also been changed to show users which sites and factors contributed most to their score.

The Klout interface was also modified and now looks similar to Facebook’s Timeline. Users can now view all content including how well others are doing and just who they are influencing on social media with the new layout. This allows users to easily access and monitor reports from Klout.

Finally, Klout is now more transparent regarding what goes into a user’s score. With the new layout, people can also now see which posts from what social network has made the greatest impact to other users.

Introducing Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag ManagerGoogle has recently released their container tag system called Google Tag Manager or GMT. Users will find that using this system makes tagging and creating changes to existing website tags easier.

Websites contain tags which are portions of website code that allow users to measure traffic and visitor behavior on a site, understand the impact of online advertising and social channels, target audiences, and t test and improve a website.

As a container tag, GMT helps users sort and manage different tags that a website may have including web analytics tags, advertising conversion tags, general JavaScript and the like.

GMT allows users to create containers to place a single line of JavaScript code on a site. The interface can be used to fill containers different types of tags. A container can be put on one website, or on multiple websites. It depends on how you plan to manage your tags.

Special features of this system include:

  • Asynchronous tag loading—so your tags can fire faster without getting in each other’s way, and without slowing down the user-visible part of the page
  • Easy-to-use tag templates, so marketers can quickly add tags with our web interface, as well as support for custom tags
  • Error-prevention tools like Preview mode (so you can see proposed changes before implementing them), the Debug Console, and Version History to ensure that new tags won’t break your site
  • User permissions and multi-account functionality to make it easy for large teams and agencies and clients to work together with appropriate levels of access

You may visit this link for further details.

Forum Marketing Tips

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Forum MarketingForum marketing allows businesses to stand out through making good impression with influential people that can help spread a brand’s marketing message to a greater number of audiences. Below are a few tips for successful forum marketing:

  1. Find the right community for your business. Look for popular forums that are about your niche topic. Make sure that it gets at least ten to fifteen daily posts.
  2. Effective forum marketing is a long-term strategy so sign up for forum communities early on. This establishers seniority and gives a brand more leverage than news users.
  3. Understand the forum’s guidelines.
  4. Pick a username that people in the forum can easily remember. Moreover, use an avatar picture that is not offensive or controversial.
  5. Establish a gripping profile. Provide a description of your expertise and experience. Don’t forget to add a few personal pieces information to humanize you profile. Include contact information as well.
  6. Introduce yourself well. This is where you start making a good impression. Avoid marketing pitches during introductions.
  7. Get the hang of the kind of conversations that transpire within the forum.
  8. Participate in conversations and provide valuable insight and information to forum members.
  9. Use your website’s address in your signature.
  10. Always stay away from unnecessary drama in forums. Bear in mind that your mission for joining the forum is to build good will for your business.

eBooks for Content Marketing Strategy

Posted on by Alan Palasco in SEO Leave a comment small businesses or for those new to online content marketing, EBooks can prove to be a great tool to use. Not only can it be used to generate leads for a website but it can also act as a cornerstone for various other content marketing strategies.  A well-written and well-structured eBook can work wonders for a small business.

EBooks attract potential clients easily because they are a rich source of valuable information for clients. Users can download this digital document and read it at their own pace making it great to capitalize on.

This long-form piece of content can be a host for useful tips and tricks for businesses, information on a company’s products and/or services, as well as relevant stats, graphs, and charts. They can be 20 to 50 pages long. It can give potential client insight on a business and its products and services as well.

Moreover, eBooks can be used to generate other pieces of content. The specific topics contained within an eBook can be used to generate several weeks’ worth of blog posts, relevant infographics, video presentations, webinars, webcasts, and podcasts. All of these can be used for a company’s content marketing campaign and can attract leads, conversions, and profits at the end of the day.

Socialadr as a Social Media Strategy

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Socialadr is a useful tool for improving organic search rankings since Google and other search engines now incorporate social signals in their algorithm. It provides users with a unique social media strategy that uses social bookmarks, Tweets, Facebook likes, Google +1’s, Pinterest pins, and Youtube video links among others.

Socialadr has free and paid subscriptions but both rely on the same concept: building a network of real users who can produce natural and organic social signals directed inbound for all participants. It is a trade like system that is beneficial for all users.

It allows users to generate backlinks for websites without having to submit anything to social bookmarking websites. Moreover, the results from Socialadr appear natural to search engines since all social signals are sent at a normal pace instead of all at once. This means that the risk of getting penalized for optimizing social signals becomes low through the use of Socialadr.

With the possibility of generating backlinks, generating more traffic, and allowing websites to rank better in search engines through social signals, Socialadr proves to be a new and indispensable tool for business owners nowadays. You can try it for free. Just visit their website at