Making Websites More Usable Through Online Marketing Glossary

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internet glossaryMost business websites put great emphasis on conversion. This is why an online marketing strategy will most likely focus on creating sales for the brand. But there are always two sides on a coin and in the context of e-commerce, the visitor—the potential customer must also be considered.

A marketing tip that is commonly applied by website owners is employing the KISS principle—Keep It Short and Simple, when it comes to web design. Together with consistency in the interface, easy navigation, smart use of typography, excellent content, and interaction with the users, a glossary where visitors can be redirected to when they encounter unfamiliar terms is useful for establishing a notable user experience that will foster sales in the long run.

A page dedicated to a glossary or a list of terms and their definitions is favorable to the visitors because it can serve as a means to clarify the meaning of jargon used in a website that ordinary users cannot understand. This makes the site user-friendly.

For the brand owner, the presence of a glossary that leads to better user experience means that there is greater possibility for conversion and sales.

When SEO Keywords Fail You

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keywordsOne of the things that guarantee a site’s success in ranking well among its many competitors is through the use of SEO keywords. Wise use of keywords often results in better and more opportunities for converting visitors to actual customers especially for business websites. This positive effect of keywords, however, will only happen if they will be used properly.

Search engines, especially Google, has been more vigilant when it comes to tracking down and penalizing websites that misuse keywords recently. With the release of updates such as the Google Panda, some websites have been banned from the search engine’s index.

Below are common keyword misuses that website owners must steer clear from in order to avoid penalties from Google:

Keyword stuffing- repeating the same keywords in an article has long been a trick in SEO to capture the attention of search engines and of the users as well. But doing this will only lessen the quality of a website’s content and may even result in penalties from Google.

Using unrelated keywords- using titillating keywords that reflect trending topics worldwide may attract search engines and visitors but if they are disparate from the actual content of the website or business, it would only result in minimal conversion rates.

Using Hidden Text- this is another old SEO trick that uses text color similar to the background to hide keywords that may attract more inbound traffic but definitely leads to penalties from Google.

Comment Spam- Blog commenting has always been a regarded means to build links and most SEO specialists use keywords in blog comments. However, spammy ones are least appreciated not only buy users but also by Goggles.

Elements of a Free Website Analysis

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google analyticsAnalysis is an integral part of maintaining a website nowadays. With stiff competition brewing on the internet, it is important to find out how visitors behave when they are on a website, how they use it, and where most the traffic is coming from so that owners can devise plans on how to improve user experience on the site.

Free website analysis is available from many sources on the internet but the most popular remains to be Google analytics. The most notable elements of this service are:

  • Interface:  with the simple and rather intuitive interface of Google analytics, users are given the chance to view number of visitors to the keywords they used to find the site with just a few clicks.
  • Search Results:  it allows users to know  the quality of clicks that relates to their site
  • AdWords Integration:  Google Analytics easily allows you to track all of a website’s AdWords functionality.
  • Link Tracking:  it allows you to track the quality of links present in the site.
  • Search Engine Traffic:  it gives users the chance to see the kind of traffic search engines send to a site and just how much of it is converted to sales.
  • Comparisons:  Google analytics allows users to compare traffic and conversion during visitors’ peak and lean hours when it comes to internet use.
  • Filter Functionality: this element allows the user to search through lines and lines of data easier than going through spread sheets.

How to Pick the Right Social Media Marketing Service

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social media marketingWith the direction where social media is going, it has become an indispensable tool in marketing over the internet. Research has even shown that in the next five years, small businesses would not be known without this crucial means to advertise since it is useful for branding, interaction, sales, collaborations, audience building, consumer research and building web traffic.

There are several social marketing packages offered by many service providers. Basically, the best way to choose a package for a company is to base the choice on the brand’s needs. Most firms that provide SMM packages build them on the following core services:

  • Generating site tools like Gmail account, Google Places, Analytics, and Webmaster tools.
  • Market research including keyword research and local content sources.
  • Publishing services including blog posting, directory profiles, blog commenting, and setting up Adwords.
  • Twitter publishing including setting up a virtual profile and even a Twitter background, daily postings and re-tweeting.
  • Establishing a Facebook fan page.
  • Setting up a newsletter.

Available packages will invariably revolve around these cores with other service providers having add-on s from time to time. The choice will ultimately be yours if you want a basic, intermediate or an advanced package depending on y our needs.

How Does Social Media affect Traditional News?

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social mediaOver the last few years, social media has risen to popularity among the world’s population that it has impacted various aspects of people’s lives. It has altered people’s behavior and even buying pattern. But most importantly, social media has changed the way people seek and receive news and other relevant information.

In the e past, traditional news sources like television, radio and newspapers have dominated the flow of information among the masses. However, the advent of the internet and the rise of sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google news have greatly altered the playing field.

A new channel for receiving news, social media has caused a steady decline in the sales of most newspapers worldwide and even the following of popular news broadcasting shows all over the world. This is made possible by the fact that social media has the capacity to put together key elements from traditional news channels including text, images, audio and video in a convenient package that people can access easily and quickly. Aside from ease of access on various news and information, social media has also assumed the role of impacting the opinion of the masses where certain topics raised on different platforms affect how the masses will react and how key players would act upon this.

Twitter Hashtags—what are they?

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Twitter HashtagsTwitter hashtags is one of the most useful things in the Twitterverse because not only do they determine the trending topics on a global scale, they also serve as an effective indexing mechanism that can be used on Twitter itself, and also on search engines like Google. It effectively shows under what category or type a tweet is filed under.

Hashtags can be compared to keywords used in SEO. They make searching for information on Twitter easier and simpler. They also provide an avenue for conversations for specific topics like global or local news, special events, and even brands, products and services to take place. In fact, they originally served the purpose of providing a sort of chat for Twitter users in the past.

Companies can benefit from these hashtags by using them in their Twitter marketing strategy. Through these, companies can draw followers towards the brand, thus increasing the chance of meeting and engaging with potential customers.

Hashtags also allow customer queries to be answered easier and faster since using them automatically indexes tweets and makes locating them on twitter effortless.

Most importantly, hashtags serve as neon signs that let users know that the company or brand, in fact, exists.

The Rise of Microblogging

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MicrobloggingSince the early 2000’s, blogging has, in the words of writer, cartoonist, musician, artist, and computer programmer, Jonathan Gilette (known by his penname why the lucky stiff) has “mutated into simpler forms” in the shape of microblogging.

Places like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook allow users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, video links, or other similar information. Typically, aside from its web-based interface, users can update their accounts via SMS, instant messaging, email or even digital audio. This makes it very mobile in nature and very appealing for people who are constantly on the go.

Microblogging has become a way for people to participate in relevant conversations, for business owners to sell their products and/or services, and for brands to establish their presence on the internet.

It is an immediate and accessible way to share information over the internet and is extremely useful for internet marketing. It is also a vital social media strategy since its simplistic and sometimes visual nature greatly appeals to most consumers.

Many social networks that offer microblogging services provide businesses with the chance to be able to find the right traffic and to engage with them making it ideal for establishing brand awareness and of course, boosting sales.

Mobile Advertising

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mobile advertisingAs with most marketing platforms available, professional advertisers have seen the wireless wonder that is mobile advertising. It’s not surprising that many would opt to bank on this mode of advertising since modern phones now outnumber television sets by 3 to 1 and the total pc and laptop using population by almost 5 to 1.

Advertising done with mobile phones are usually in the form of SMS at providing about 90% of the gross profits from this platform. Aside from conventional text messages, advertisements on mobile phone games and videos are also used as well as full-screen interstitials that appear while mobile web pages are loading up/

Jingles while interacting with phone-based services are also utilized by marketers these days.

What makes mobile advertising so appealing to professional marketers and business owners alike are the following:

  • Mobile ads can easily go viral since target clients have the tendency to share information to their networks.
  • Mobile ads can really capture the audience
  • Mobile ads can be interactive and interesting because of the design elements integrated with them.
  • Advertising costs on mobile marketing are generally cheaper than other platforms; and
  • It is the perfect avenue for image building and establishing brand recognition.

Things to Remember on Pinterest

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PinterestThere is probably no reason for businesses to ignore Pinterest. This online pin board has taken its rightful spot in the world of marketing and search optimization while non-marketers love it because it is a useful resource for finding photos and images that pique their interest.

But whatever use Pinterest may serve for a user, there are eight guidelines in which everybody, SEO specialist, online marketer or casual Pinterest user, should follow including:

  • Be Respectful

Users are urged to stay respectful when it comes to their posts and comments so as to create a friendly community within the site.

  • Be Authentic

Originality is highly regarded on Pinterest. Since it heavily relies on user photos, images, and everybody is advised to use only their original work if not for re-pinning purposes.

  • Credit Your Sources

A cardinal rule in Pinterest is to cite and give credit to original sources of pinned images. Posts must always be linked to the artist who created them.

  • Report Objectionable Content

Nudity, hateful posts or content that urge users to harm are strongly prohibited on Pinterest. Posts of this nature should be reported to the admin through clicking on the “Report Content” tab.

  • Pinterest is Open to Users’ Thoughts

They want to know if users are experiencing issues with their services since they are just starting out. Glitches or other concerns can be forwarded to

Google+ Local Overthrows Google Places

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google plus localOver 8,000 Google Places accounts have been moved recently to Google + Local—the supposed replacement for Places when it comes to indexing local businesses. This allows for social media integration which plays a vital role nowadays in a website’s page rank.

While some users were worried that their reviews and photos might be lost due to the shift, Google assured them that these are imported to the new Google + Local accounts and are better placed on the new interface so that customers will be able to see them easily.

Google Places’ old rating style of using stars is now replacesdwith the 30-point system as part of Google’s merge with Zagat. Moreover, customers can easily post reviews and recommend businesses to their friends and followers through the Circles’ function of Google +.

Google + Local allow business owners to easily interact with their customers through posting and commenting. They can also attend to customer queries and concerns easily.

Replacing Google Places with Google + Locals is useful both for business owners and Google as well. The earlier can promote their business to a wider range of people while the latter can increase the popularity of its social networking service.