Useful Ideas in Web Design

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website designIt’s not enough to just have a website up and running for a business to succeed. Web design also adds to a company’s marketing success since it’s not solely used for creating a visually pleasing website but also affects the functionality of the site for its users or visitors.

A website is a big advertisement in itself and must be treated as such. Traditional advertisements are well thought out with the needs of the company and of the customers in mind. A site’s design must help in selling products and services through strategically placed calls to action.

A big part of web design is the placement of the necessary information about the business’ products and services as needed by the customers.

Aside from creating a beautiful website, the design should also allow for great functionality. The final product must be easy to navigate for the consumer in as much as the tabs, buttons, call to action, and landing pages are properly located within the page layout. A

Lastly, it may be useful to think out of the box. Design allows for unconventional ideas. Being inventive and creative creates outstanding final products. Most importantly, a site’s design must strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Keyword Research at a Glance

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Google AdWordsA cardinal rule in SEO is that keywords play a vital role in the success of a website. Keywords, after all, have a way of affecting the whole SEO tactic that will be used for a website. In this light, careful planning and extensive researching for keywords is the primary step that specialists use.

Using relevant keywords is a must especially for social media marketing or SMM since it is anchored towards the earlier. It may seem a sensible option to come up with keywords that are relevant to the products or services of the website but it must be noted that the average user may not come up with the same set of keywords when they use search engines to look up businesses.

Google Adwords, Y! Search Marketing, Free Word Tracker and many other applications can be utilized for conducting automated keyword research. These tools can help make the process of determining the proper keywords to use easier and simpler.

When choosing the keywords to be used for a website, there are two options available. The first one is opting to use keywords that have a high search value, thus, granting the website a chance to pop up in popular searches. The second one is opting to use keywords with low competition so that the keywords are unique to the site making it less likely for competition to show in the results.

SEO-Social Media Smack Down—Or Is It?

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seo and social mediaSocial Media has definitely changed the way websites are ranked in search engines. Since 2009, Google has been including Social Media presence in its search algorithm and as a result, SEO has ceased being the only important element in online marketing.

There is no denying, however, that SEO is still important. It is still vital in establishing a website’s online presence making it easier for users who go to search engines to look for businesses to find what they are looking for. Local visibility and lead generation is also one of the strongest points of SEO and no other means can top that.

Social Media, on the other side of the spectrum, is perfect for making a brand well known not to mention the fact that it is more interactive than any other online marketing means. This way, answering user queries becomes easier and faster for the brand. Since Social Media banks on user interaction, it also becomes easier for Google to determine a site’s relevance to user searches when people share or talk about the brand through social media channels.

Some business owners may think that it is better to choose one over the other—preferably social media since it generally costs less. But the truth of the matter is it is better to use both to achieve optimum results. Using SEO and Social Media and incorporating it in a well thought out marketing plan is the best choice as opposed to relying on only one means to promote a business.

Are Keywords Still Important?

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google keywordsBeing at the top spot of Google’s search result is the ultimate goal for many websites. The most coveted page rank has spawned many search optimizing strategies from various SEO specialists.

But some of the tactics used before have been made futile by Google with its countless updates in the last fourteen years, the most vigilant of which as of 2012 is Google Penguin. Now, people are questioning the importance of keywords for search engine optimization.

In the rat race of page rankings, keywords are the second most important factor that Google considers after, of course, t he existence of a website. Through keywords, Google can check a website’s relevance and quality in relation with user searches.

So the answer will always be yes. Keywords are still essential both in SEO and in online marketing. Google still relies on keywords for determining page rank and for indexing after all.

Every SEO process must begin with proper keyword research. This reduces the risk of using keywords that too many websites use or using ones that don’t get searched at all.

Google has become more wary of keyword stuffing, hidden text and other similar tricks when using keywords. Because of this, it is important to employ other “cleaner” methods when it comes to keywords. Google advices site owners to use keywords as naturally as possible in their website’s content.

Social media users talk about American Idol

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Despite a 27% drop in its television viewers, the American Idol finale broke numerous records in social media.

Viewers issued more than 1 million comments across multiple social media platforms during the two-hour finale, which made it the most talked about finale in the series’ history.

In terms of stats, the season 11 finale steamrolled over many finales, including Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, and The X-Factor. The show also incited the most comments for the entire season with nearly 6 million comments.

Experts claim that singing competitions, like American Idol, are definitely a key stimulator in social media. Finales keep social media subscribers engaged online.

At the conclusion of its season finale, American Idol crowned Phillip Phillips as the champion over Jessica Sanchez. The episode was filled with great performances from renowned bands and artists, including Aerosmith, Rihanna, Neil Diamond, and Jennifer Lopez.

Social media users comment on Yahoo! Axis

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Yahoo!’s brand-new browser, Axis, is polarizing social media. In the past 24 hours, Social media users have started posting praises and complaints about the new Yahoo!-owned application.

Most users are impressed with the search engine’s iOS application, while some are wary of installing the desktop plug-in.

Axis has received good reviews on the web. Mashable described it as “good” and other writers say it can convince some people to return to using the Yahoo! Search engine.

Despite this, some consumers are complaining about download difficulties. Numerous social media users stated that the link download is non-functional.

On Google+, most of the comments about Axis seem to be very positive. Users called the app “impressive” and “interesting.”

Using Pinterest for SMM

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Pinterest LogoThere’s a new addictive social network in town and it is sweeping social media users off their feet in the form of Pinterest. So what is it? As far as social media is concerned, Pinterest is an online virtual pin board where users can pin photos of their interests (hence the name PINTEREST) and share them with other users from all over the world. But aside from being a fascinating and fresh social network, Pinterest can also be used for Social Media Marketing or SMM.

Pinterest is useful and rather innovative for SMM because of it being a visual platform where marketing strategies can be presented using photos and similar graphics. Most Pinterest users would agree that infographics are extremely popular in this site. This makes it easier to share information about a brand through the use of eye-catching infographics that users can pin to their boards and share with their social network. Most importantly, links from Pinterest are searchable, making it useful for SEO.

Keep these things in mind when using Pinterest for SMM:

  • Post interesting pictures other than infographics about the brand
  • Interact with followers through commenting, re-pinning and liking their pins
  • Cross-promote and sync Pinterest with other social media accounts as well as the main brand website
  • And lastly, make the brand’s profile appealing and enlightening

Tweeting – A Necessary Component of Business Today

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According to the Harvard Business Review, Twitter users pay attention to Tweets that promote products and services. Tweets are great way to promote content and news, because users trust the source and the platform.

However, there’s more to Tweeting than promotion. A Tweet needs to be written in such a way that it arouses curiosity and warrants a clickthrough. Overly personal messages tend to scare away potential customers, claims some experts. According to the report, browsers found only 24% of conversational Tweets worth reading, while more than 30% said it wasn’t worth their time.

Good content—like well written news and product reviews, on the other hand, build good branding.

On top of drawing new customers, good Tweets also drive its own marketing system. When a customer likes a Tweet, he can repost it and share it with his friends, opening a whole new window of opportunities.

The findings of the Harvard Business Review reaffirm the news content trend. More and more customers are placing high value on news content. It is becoming a popular way to connect with online customers.

Facebook – Necessary for Internet Marketing

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Why is it important for a brand to have a Facebook page? Simple, the social media site has millions of subscribers. That’s customer exposure you can’t get anywhere else online.

The social media giant recently announced that it surpassed the 900-million subscriber mark. According to the company, it marks a 33 percent increase compared to its subscribers during March last year.

In the United States, more than 120 million people open the site daily, making the platform a ripe place to integrate brand advertisements.

On top of that, Facebook announced that a large portion of its revenue is generated by user content, which is good news for brands who want to build consumer interaction through the social media site.

Other options for SEO — social media and press releases

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A search engine optimization campaign is vital to the success of an online business. However, not all companies are trained for SEO and some can’t even afford to outsource the entire service. A good option for these start-up companies is to focus on SEO for press release distribution and social media.

Press release distributors offer you unprecedented exposure, guaranteeing that your content will be read and circulated around the web. Social media, on the other hand, requires very little capital, but its returns can be very lucrative. Investing in profiles for Facebook and Twitter can go a long way for consumer conversion and SEO.

Another great thing about press release distributors is that they can index your site to Google News. Since news content is a rising trend in cyberspace, making it a relevant place to invest marketing efforts.

Online companies can also invest in other content hubs, like YouTube and Vimeo.