Twitter Lead Generation Cards

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Twitter logoLast May, Twitter has announced the limited availability of their Lead Generation Card— a streamlined tool to help advertisers find and connect off-Twitter with users interested in their message. Three months following this, the micro-blogging site has announced on its blog that this toll will now be available for all advertisers including small and medium businesses who advertise on Twitter.

According to their blog post, the additional enhancements made to the Lead Generation Card include:

Simpler setup and lead collection. Basic setup now takes just minutes from start to finish, and you can download your leads straight from Twitter Ads into a CSV spreadsheet. Or, you can also arrange for incoming leads to be instantly updated in your CRM system.

Card analytics. You can now view important metrics to help you optimize your card designs, such as cost per lead by card. These metrics can also be accessed within the reports for each of your Promoted Tweet campaigns.

New layouts. We’re continuing to experiment with more card layouts to ensure that the Lead Generation Card is versatile for a variety of uses, from coupon offers to newsletter subscriptions to political campaigns sign-ups.

Available in all languages. We’ve made the Lead Generation Card available in all languages supported on Twitter Ads. No matter where your customers are, you can ensure they have a great experience with the Cards you Tweet. Please note, Twitter Ads for Small Business is currently available only to US-based advertisers Tweeting in English.

To get started on this new tool, visit

Importance of Social Media Buttons

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SMMHaving a website and going social go hand in hand for a successful online marketing campaign. The truth is a lot of traffic can be generated from social networks. This is why installing social media buttons is a must for any brand.

Giving the audience the opportunity to share a brand’s content is useful for attracting inbound traffic. Here’s the thing: when a visitor hits a share button, the URL to the post gets displayed on their newsfeed and the people in their network can share, like, or comment on it as well as follow the click through link.

In addition, this option is also free so there is no reason not to include social media buttons on a website.

According to Lee Jackson, it is important to display social feeds (Twitter, blog RSS, Facebook Like Box etc.), a link to the blog and RSS feed, links to each social profile, and share buttons to a brand’s website.

He also added that “‘Pin it’ Pinterest buttons, and also features like the Twitter ‘Tweet this page’ and ‘Follow us” can also be added.

The bottom line is to determine your social goals, and then design the pages as to not look cluttered,” Jackson explained.

Study says it’s common for people to check on their ex-lovers via social media

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FacebookDo you check on your ex-girlfriend on Facebook? If you said “yes,” you aren’t alone!

According to a recent study about the World Wide Web, it’s common for individuals to use social media sites to monitor the lives of their ex-partners. Most of the time, people keep themselves updated by viewing ex-lovers’ photos, videos, and other uploads.

“Prior to social networking tools, it was more difficult to monitor a former partner’s life,” explained Dr. Brenda K. Wiederhold, editor-in-chief of Cyberpsychology. “While social networking provides many positives, the ability to conduct interpersonal electronic surveillance may lead some individuals to suffer with prolonged feelings of uncertainty after a relationship ends. These results presented here should, however, be interpreted with caution, since the sample was comprised of heterosexual college students and may not extend to other groups.”

For more on the study, please visit this link.

Company unveils top 15 cities in US for social media jobs

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Social Media—the biggest job site in the world—recently unveiled the top cities in the United States for social media jobs.

As expected, San Francisco and New York ranked among the top cities for jobs related to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites. Still, some of the other locations may surprise you.

New York is the top location for social media jobs. Not only that, the city that never sleeps has a tremendous lead to the next cities in the ranking.

“We’ve seen social media go from the dorm room to the boardroom in the last decade,” commented Amy Crow, communications director of “Jobs with ‘social media’ in the title really only tell part of the story—13 times that many jobs include ‘social media’ in the job description … including marketing, customer service, product design, and human resources.”

According to, the top 15 cities in US (in order of ranking) for social media jobs are:

(1)    New York, NY (1,938)
(2)    San Francisco, CA (869)
(3)    Chicago, IL (575)
(4)    Los Angeles, CA (545)
(5)    Washington, DC (463)
(6)    Atlanta, GA (416)
(7)    Boston, MA (386)
(8)    Seattle, WA (324)
(9)    Austin, TX (304)
(10)    San Diego, CA (190)
(11)    Houston, TX (178)
(12)    Portland, OR (157)
(13)    Dallas, TX (157)
(14)    Phoenix, AZ (157) has around 16-million jobs, and has become one of the most popular job sites in the world—posting 100-million unique visitors last March.


Teenagers use social media to hitch a ride home

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Online HitchhikingTeenagers aren’t only using social media to connect with their friends. They’re also using the platform to find out more about transportation. And, according to some analysts, this information access has its risks.

In a report from, some students post status messages that say they need a ride home. Unfortunately, these types of status updates can be used against them by assailants that monitor the social media stratosphere.

According to a student, taking a taxi cab is very expensive compared to hitching a ride with a friend.

Posting transportation status messages is becoming very prevalent among the youth.

Crime prevention specialists say that technology is partly to blame for the excessive sharing of information online. Teenagers tend to ignore the risks of posting such messages due to the convenience of smartphones.

In addition, investigators confirm that online hitchhiking is an emerging trend around the nation.

“There are websites dedicated to these ride shares and all you need is an e-mail account,” commented Ashley Glover, a Crime Prevention Specialist from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

In these sites, inappropriately configured privacy setups can spell the difference between sharing information to personal contacts and unveiling it to strangers.

“As parents we need to be more responsible,” continued Glover. “We need to check what our kids are putting on their Twitter, on their Facebook.  They need to have those things private, I know its hard, but we just have to monitor everything that they do, their phones, their texts even.”


AFL footballers are targets of comprehensive social media hackers

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Dale ThomasFootball players from the AFL are apparently prime targets for social media hackers.

Dale Thomas is the latest victim of social media hacking. Thomas mysteriously posted on Twitter that he was leaving his current team, the Collingwood Football Club.

On Wednesday, Thomas tweeted: “thanks for the good times pies, decieded (sic) today that im not going to be here next year #futureandbeyond #carnnorrff #oobars”

Lance Franklin’s Instagram account was also hacked prior to the Thomas incident. Franklin’s hacker also posted that he was leaving his current club.

Liam Pickering, Franklin’s manager, issued a statement to clarify the issue.

Likewise, Dustin Martin of Richmond also had his Instagram account hacked.


Governments continue to ask for data from Twitter

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TwitterGovernments are requesting more user data from Twitter.

In the social media site’s latest transparency report, it was shown that information requests from governments around the world have steadily increased. According to Twitter, these requests are usually in conjunction with criminal investigations.

During the first six months of 2013, the micro-blogging site received 1,157 government information requests. For its part, Twitter wants continued transparency on these requests.

“An important conversation has begun about the extent to which companies should be allowed to publish information regarding national security requests,” wrote Twitter in a blog post. “We have joined forces with industry peers and civil liberty groups to insist that the United States government allow for increased transparency into these secret orders.”

The United States government accounts for the majority of these Twitter information requests, followed by Japan and the United Kingdom.

Twitter recently broke down the 902 information requests posted by the US for 2013: 56 percent were tied to subpoenas, 23 percent for search warrants, 11 percent for court orders, and the remaining 10 percent were for other legal purposes.

Source: CNET

Louisiana bans driving while using social media

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Social media while drivingTexting while driving is already illegal in the State of Louisiana. And, beginning this month, accessing social media sites while driving will also be against the law.

“Distracted driving is a problem that we’ve seen across the state, and it seems to be growing,” said Melissa Matey, a Louisiana State Police Trooper. “Anytime you become distracted, 37 percent of your brain power is taken off the road. Which means you can get into a crash very quickly, you could possibly hit a pedestrian.”

Based on figures from the United States Department of Transportation, over 800,000 vehicles are being driven by someone using a cell phone.

On August 1, Louisiana will be implementing a new law that bans drivers from using social media sites—like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Because of the new technology we had to come up with some laws that address web-based access, posting and reading of wireless communication web-based websites,” said State Rep. Austin Badon for the district of New Orleans. Badon voted in favor of the new law.

Badon says that his next agenda will be to push for a hands-free cell phone law.


Have you ever regretted posting something on Facebook or Twitter?

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internet conceptHave you ever regretted posting something on social media? Well, you’re not the only one.

According to a new survey, many young individuals worry that their posts on Facebook and Twitter can come back to haunt them someday.

The survey, which was backed by, found that nearly 30% of social media users aged 18-34 say they have posted a photo or comment that they wanted to take back.

Participants said that some of those posts could potentially cause them their jobs or disqualify them from other opportunities. Also, 21-percent of the survey takers said that they have taken down a post because they feared consequences from their employers.

While many understand that social media sites have privacy settings, most users are still worrisome about their posts. But is there a basis for worrying about social media posts?

Well, according to Careerbuilder, more than 40-percent of employers refer to social media when reviewing prospective employees. And reports say that more and more companies are following this practice.


Feminist suffers threats on Twitter, prompting other users to threaten the social media site with a boycott

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Twitter screenEnraged Twitter users have promised to boycott the social media site after trolls threatened to rape and murder a feminist about the new £10 note.

Caroline Criado-Perez campaigned for a woman to be on the bill. However, when it was officially announced that Jane Austen would replace Charles Darwin in the note in 2017, Criado-Perez was sent abusive messages over the course of the next 48 hours.

Shortly after that, a petition was created for Twitter to add a quick button to report abuse. It has been signed by 40,000 people, including popular celebrities. If the social media site does not act accordingly, a boycott will be instigated on Sunday.

“It’s infuriating that the price you pay for standing up for women is hours of rape threats,” expressed Miss Criado-Perez.

Source: Mirror News

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