Building Communities on Twitter

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Twitter logoTwitter is a great hub for establishing a brand’s customer base thanks to the millions of active users it has. However, it is not just about garnering thousand or even millions of followers. More than just numbers, Twitter, much like any other social network is about engagement and that can only be achieved through building communities.

A simple way to begin building a community in Twitter is to create an account with a strong brand name. This will let users find a company easier and will also promote name recall. This should be followed by writing a clear and concise bio that tells what the company is about, what it does, and also where customers can find more information about its products and services (i.e. its website).

To find which people are worth following and are most likely to follow a brand back, utilize twitter search by going to Search for keywords related to the brand and from there, begin a follow spree.

Moreover, brands need to make sure that they are interacting with their followers regularly. Start conversations or even jump in existing ones like trending topics. Don’t forget to share interesting things that are well inside the brand’s sphere. This adds value to a company’s services and also fosters even more conversation.

Finally, never forget to have a personality. People will only want to interact with other people and not a brand robot. Don’t be afraid to add a human touch to a brand’s Twitter account since this allows for a more active and diverse network that any business can benefit greatly from.

Federal regulators to crack down on social media hackers

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twitter hackFederal Regulators are cracking down on social media hacks after learning that the Associated Press’ Twitter account was hacked.

And this wasn’t the first time that news-gathering site’s account was hacked. The impact of the hack is immediately felt, because the hackers can spread rumors in an instant.

Last week, the Associated Press Twitter account read: “Breaking two explosions in the white house and Barrack Obama is injured.” And this was entirely false.

Within three minutes of aforementioned tweet, the Dow plunged by 140 points—resulting in the loss of nearly 140-billion dollars before gaining it all back.

CBS’ Twitter account for “60 Minutes” was recently hacked and is now currently suspended.

Federal regulators are now exploring rules for cyber security for companies.

Source: WWLP

Prom marketers find profit avenues in social media

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PromBrands are using social media to market products for prom. And their approach is working wonders!

While millions of teens post pictures about their prom experience, savvy marketers are planning campaigns around the coming-of-age event.

Brands and companies—like Olive Garden and Chipotle—are launching prom contests and promoting special deals and give-aways on their respective social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Research indicates that an average family of a prom-goer will spend more than $1,300 for prom-related items, like food and limo rentals. To tap this resource, marketers need to target teenagers. And you can easily connect with teenagers through social media.

Social media platforms are a goldmine for marketers!

Source: USAToday




Can a simple tweet shake the global market?

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Twitter“President Obama is in a coma.”

Don’t panic. The statement isn’t true. But what if you see this message across hundreds of social media posts, how do you think it would affect the global economy?

This is something the financial industry and its regulators need to think about. Recently, a hoax on Twitter claimed that President Obama was injured in an explosion at the White House. Consequently, the fabricated tweet caused a fluctuation in the Dow Jones industrial average.

While the market recovered in a matter of minutes, it raised concerns among financial regulators on the possible effects of social media on trading.

According to experts, the obvious vulnerability of the system can be partly blamed on the Securities and Exchange Commission. The regulator recently made the decision to allow companies and executives to broadcast market-moving news on social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook.

With this in mind, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission has scheduled a public meeting in Washington with selected high-frequency traders to discuss possible safeguards against the effects of social media on the market.

Source: NYTimes

Police integrate social media to investigations

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social media policeCriminals are using social media to steal and commit other crimes. But law enforcement officials are not far behind.

“A lot of folks are just naive as to how much information is actually out there,” said Mike Chapman, County Sheriff of Loudoun.

Currently, Chapman’s department is working with a social media company named Connected to the Case.

“They’re able to go in through certain capabilities and be able to scour Facebook for people that are connected to people that we may be looking for and that helps us hone (sic) in on the suspects,” described Chapman.

Much of the information the investigators need are available in public forums. In this platform, law enforcement does not need any search warrant.

According to Chapman, investigators are increasing the application of social media to their daily cases.

Reports also say that Connected to Case can also help authorities search for missing children and track down sex offenders.

Source: WTOP

Twitter can drive sales for gaming brands

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TwitterAccording to a recent study, Tweets in the gaming vertical do more than create conversations online. They also lead to more conversions!

Twitter U.K. commissioned Deloitte LLP to quantify the impact of Tweets on sales performance. For gaming, the study indicated that Tweets spark word-of-mouth marketing while impacting consumer demand. Positive Tweets drive sales better than other promotional tactics.

Furthermore, the “Tweets for Sales: Gaming” study also said that gaming brands that increase positive Tweets by 30% are four times more effective in driving sales compared to companies that increase advertising by 30%. Deloitte LLP also cited that positive Tweets have a direct impact in sales.

Gaming brands are only one class of companies that can benefit from marketing in Twitter. The micro-blogging site is a great promotional tool and it keeps brands connected to their audiences at a casual basis.

Source: Brafton

Financial firms ask for exemptions on social media privacy laws

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social mediaThe Financial Regulatory Authority, an independent regulatory body that aims to protect investors, is lobbying for special exemptions to new and pending state laws that prevent employers from accessing employee social media accounts.

The regulator is asking lawmakers in around 10 states to amend their legislations to allow financial companies to explore employee social media accounts when misuse is suspected.

According to sources, financial firms fear that brokers could use social media to disseminate information that would influence stocks. And, without monitoring allowances, such a misdemeanor would be left unchecked.

At least six states have passed legislation that prohibits employers from requiring employees or applicants to surrender their social media account information, which includes usernames and passwords. More than 30 other states are considering implementing similar social media legislations.

In California, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Associations unsuccessfully appealed to California Governor Jerry Brown to veto the social media privacy law earlier this year.

Source: CNET



How Twitter helped apprehend Boston Marathon bombers

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Dzhokhar TsarnaevLocal police has successfully apprehended a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. And part of the arrest can be credited to social media, specifically Twitter.

Initially, Boston Police requested Twitter users (and social media users in general) to be more conscious of the information they were divulging online.

After the bombing, the authorities used Twitter and other social media networks to track down leads. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released video footage of two men carrying back packs entering Marathon before the bombing incident. The police asked for help via social media to identify the suspects.

The faces of the suspects were circulated on Facebook, Reddit, and other sites. Later, they were identified as the siblings Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The police uploaded their photos and their license plate to Twitter.

While social media was helpful in the process of tracking down the suspects, the Boston Police also encountered problems with the platform.

Many fake Twitter accounts using the name of the suspect were created and other Twitter users began sharing updates of the pursuit from police scanners. As this was occurring, the Boston Police released this Tweet:

“#MediaAlert: WARNING: Do Not Compromise Officer Safety by Broadcasting Tactical Positions of Homes Being Searched.”

Source: CNET

Twilert for SMM

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TwilertWith social media becoming a crucial part of growing businesses today, brand owners  now need to monitor keywords, related topics, articles, and discussions that are relevant to their niche in order to keep up with the times. That being said, the social media monitoring tool Twilert is the perfect Twitter app for this job.

Twilert sends alerts to users about @mentions, hashtags, as well as tweets that correspond to their specifications. Users can keep track of a company’s mentions as well as that of its products and services, industry-relevant tweets, articles, and potential prospects. Monitoring can also be done via geo-location, language, specific links and more. This allows for a tailor fit social media monitoring system that can be very beneficial for small businesses.

Additionally, users can also narrow their monitoring through the following commands and codes:

  • Using quotation marks get very specific results
  • Using the “OR” command to monitor either one keyword or another
  • Using the “-“ command to exclude certain words from the filter
  • Using the “from:” or the “to”” command to get results from a specific Twitter user.

The best part about Twilert is that it is easy to use. Simply sign in with a Google or Twitter account, enter the keyword/s that needs to be monitored, and set the frequency of the alerts that will be sent to the user’s inbox. Get started with this tool by visiting

Social media marketing set to grow

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Social MediaSocial media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, are beginning to monetize their services to marketers that can use them.

In the past years, social media sites have made an effort to introduce new features for marketers. And, based on recent studies, social media marketing will continue to grow. According to the BIA/Kelsey forecasting, social advertising revenues in the United States is set to grow in the next four years.

The report also indicated that social media sites will also be enhancing their audience targeting technology.  In addition to that, BIA/Kelsey also mentioned that Facebook and Twitter will be driving mobile ad revenues.

Source: Brafton