College offers degree in social media

At the workplace, social media sites are rarely welcomed. These pages are considered big distractions for the employees so employers end-up blocking them. But that’s about to change.

As more and more jobs require social media skills, it’s becoming a necessity rather than a distraction in the workplace. In line with this, Austin Community College will be offering a social media degree beginning next spring.

Most job offers outline “social media proficient” as part of the job description. Formalizing proficiency with a degree only makes sense. And that’s what prompted ACC to create the program.

“We designed a program that really revolves around these core skills that businesses are stating that businesses are stating that they need,” described Jill Brockmann, an adjunct professor from ACC.

Starting in the spring semester of 2013, the college will be offering the first associates degree in Texas for Social Media Communication.


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