Comparing Facebook and Google+

Google Plus vs FacebookFacebook and Google+ are undoubtedly two of the biggest social networks today. Both are constantly trying to one up the other.

On one hand, Facebook has over 900 million registered users, 530 of which are active. The average FB user spends over seven hours on it.

Meanwhile, Google+ has 170 million users where 100 million are active. Since its launch in 2011, it has been adding up t 10 million users every month.

Google+ features compete well with that of Facebook.  G+ Circles, Hangouts, and richer media sharing features (it can take up to four megapixels of photos and 1080p of video) have given Facebook a little shakeup in the past few months.

Both sites are great for marketing brands but require different strategies to work well.

Facebook is geared more towards generating interactions with features such as Likes, Comments, and Status Updates. This means that FB is useful for traditional marketing where ads and messages are served to a large audience.

Google+, meanwhile, is geared towards user content with most popular posts with features such as Pictures, Video, Long Posts, and Status Updates. It is easier to conduct content marketing on Google+ since it allows for an easier way to distribute content.

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