Council addresses misuse of social media

social mediaLast year, a council worker in Wales was fired for misusing social media. And, according to reports, the incident has served as a warning to others.

In 2012, there were 14 cases of social media misuse in the council staff. The violations included suggestive comments, threats, and even criticism of concerned authorities.

Powys council reported three cases of social media misuse—all of them in Facebook.

One of the employees sent inappropriate messages to a learner in the social media site. Two others posted inappropriate comments which could be deemed disreputable for the council.

These violators were issued corresponding penalties by the Powys council.

In an interview with BBC, Matthew Sinclair—the chief executive of the TaxPayer’s Alliance—said that the council took the appropriate course of action in these matters.

“Taxpayers want to know that council staff are using their time properly and getting value for local residents’ cash,” said Sinclair. “Whilst social media can be useful for letting residents know what the council are up to and for increasing transparency, it’s important that it’s not misused.”

He concluded: “If council staff are posting inappropriate comments on social media accounts then appropriate action must be taken.”

Source: BBC News

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