Do political opinions in social media change the thinking of voters?

Thanks to Facebook, everybody can be a political analyst. But are they persuading changes in opinions?

Based on findings from Pew Research Center, about 66% of social media users are expressing political opinions through their profiles in various sites, including Twitter and Facebook. But are these opinions influencing the public opinion in large?

During the first presidential debate, more than 10-million related Tweets were posted. When the Republican National Convention opened, it recorded more Tweets than the entire 2008 election.

These days, a lot of people get information from the internet. But does this mean that posts can swing votes? According to Dr. Mark Martinez—a Political Science professor at CSUB, not necessarily so.

“What we’re seeing here is an increase in people looking for confirmation in what they believe rather than looking for information to sift through,” said Dr. Martinez.

Objectively, the scale of impact is still a debatable issue. It’s yet to be determined. But one thing’s for sure: social media has changed the coverage of elections.


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