Does social media have a place in education?

In Minnesota’s Mahtomedi High School, a language arts teacher is using an innovative way to announce assignments, projects, and deadlines: Twitter.

Teacher Sarah Lornston adds a social media element to her lesson plan. Through Twitter, she captures her students’ attention in 140 characters or less.

According to Lornston, most of her students have smartphones and are consistently logged on to their social media accounts in Twitter and Facebook. Creating profiles for both sites was only logical for Lornston.

Lornston also mentioned that some of her students told her that she doesn’t Tweet often. “They want more communication from us,” explained Lornston to reporters.

The integration of social media into the educational system has been highly debated. In some schools, teachers are trained on how to use and integrate them; while in other cities, like New York, social media is banned from education. Teachers have differing views about social media as well.

Experts say that there’s no one-way approach to social media and education. Professionals in education are still struggling with the idea. There are risks and payoffs on both sides.

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