Elements of a Free Website Analysis

google analyticsAnalysis is an integral part of maintaining a website nowadays. With stiff competition brewing on the internet, it is important to find out how visitors behave when they are on a website, how they use it, and where most the traffic is coming from so that owners can devise plans on how to improve user experience on the site.

Free website analysis is available from many sources on the internet but the most popular remains to be Google analytics. The most notable elements of this service are:

  • Interface:  with the simple and rather intuitive interface of Google analytics, users are given the chance to view number of visitors to the keywords they used to find the site with just a few clicks.
  • Search Results:  it allows users to know  the quality of clicks that relates to their site
  • AdWords Integration:  Google Analytics easily allows you to track all of a website’s AdWords functionality.
  • Link Tracking:  it allows you to track the quality of links present in the site.
  • Search Engine Traffic:  it gives users the chance to see the kind of traffic search engines send to a site and just how much of it is converted to sales.
  • Comparisons:  Google analytics allows users to compare traffic and conversion during visitors’ peak and lean hours when it comes to internet use.
  • Filter Functionality: this element allows the user to search through lines and lines of data easier than going through spread sheets.

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