Engaging on Google+

google plus localGoogle+ is one of the greatest resources that brand owners can tap in order to reach out to their target market. It not only integrates various key capabilities like Google docs, hangouts, chat, and email but it also acts as a home to many communities that brands can join to foster engagement and to generate leads. Below are strategies that business owners can use to spice up their experience on Google+:

  • Utilize Circles to strategically network with other users.  Categorizing people into themes allows brand owners to interact with people in their network without having to search for them over and over again. Using circles is also a great technique to build new relationships and to target and stay connected with the right people.
  • Maximize the use of high quality content. Use visually compelling images that have the maximum share-abilty, use information-rich text content that link back to other resources, and use hashtags in order to find related posts, follow ingoing conversations, and join trending topics.
  • Be proactive with engagement through interacting with other people and commenting on their posts. This can also be done through using + mentions whenever possible, ending posts with a question to ignite discussion, respond to user’s comments or questions, and use interesting content.

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