Establishing Socially Oriented Brands


Building a socially oriented brand means having the capacity to communicate with a company’s customers. The key idea here is communication which, in essence, is a two-way process. This means that brand owners do not only need to know what to say but to also help their audience understand what they are saying while encouraging feedback. To communicate, after all, is to exchange ideas.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram continues to urge brands to become social entities. This entails engaging with customers, joining discussions, having a voice, being heard, and also listening to what others are saying. This not only allows brands to understand how their target market thinks or behaves but also establishes a relationship that is more human to human than robot to human leading to trust and loyalty on the customers’ part.

Effective communication is when one learns from the other and vice versa. Some brands think that they have much more to say than their audience and they forget that they can learn from the latter as well. Yes, customers have an insatiable need for new knowledge but just the same, they too have a lot to share. Brands should learn to know when to stop talking about themselves and when to stop owning the spotlight. Show the audience that they are an important part of the dynamics; that they play a big role in the way the company runs; that their voice will be heard and even shared.

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