Facebook glitch forces two students to disclose their sexual orientation to their parents

According to reports, Facebook users are having problems when it comes to the social media site’s privacy settings.

A couple of students from the University of Texas found out that their information was not as private as they thought it was. Bobbi Duncan and Taylor McCormick were not ready to confess to their parents their sexual orientation. However, a privacy glitch from Facebook changed their plans as both were forced to come out of the closet for their parents.

Duncan and McCormick were both highly restrictive about their Facebook profiles’ privacy controls. However, when they were added by the president of the LGBT—a choir group, they were automatically added to the chorus’ Facebook group page without their approval. Consequently, both students lost control of their privacy settings.

Both students were harshly reprimanded by their parents through text and phone messages.

“Their unfortunate experience reminds us that we must continue our work to empower and educate users about our robust privacy controls,” commented a spokesperson from Facebook.

Source: Examiner.com

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