Facebook helps reunite puppy with owner

KuraLast week, a puppy was stolen from the parking lot of a Home Depot in Milwaukee. Just as the owner was about to give up, social media helped reunite her with her pet.

Owner Mica Chenault credits Facebook for finding her two-month old St. Bernard, Kura.

“If it wasn’t for Facebook or any of the social media out there or you guys, the media, I never would have found her,” explained Chenault in a related interview.

A thief broke into Chenault’s vehicle, which was parked in a Home Depot. The surveillance camera of the home improvement store caught the SUV leaving the lot with Kura.

Based on reports, a person found Kura wandering around the 50th and North. The person then offered the pet to a family, who willingly took in Kura.

Gina Ragland and her family welcomed the young canine with open arms, immediately setting up Kura’s food and beddings.

And they even gave her a new name. “We started calling her Lucy,” said Ragland.

Just when the Raglands were ready to make “Lucy” a part of their family, Gina’s daughter discovered a missing dog poster on Facebook. And it was undoubtedly Kura.

Despite her family wanting to keep Kura, Gina insisted on returning the puppy to its rightful owner. She explained: “I’m glad that I’m instilling that to my children. We’re just glad she has her dog back.”

“We have no idea where the dognapper is,” commented Chenault. “We have no idea where the car is.  But, I like to think he just got scared from all the coverage about this and he just dumped her off somewhere and a really nice family found her.”

Source: TMJ4

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