FB Ads for SMM

Facebook LogoSmall businesses are slowly seeing the relevance of using Facebook Ads in their social media marketing arsenal. While there are those who have been successful with this tool in increasing their leads and sales, some are still hesitant with using it for two reasons: 1) they don’t think it will work for them and 2) it seems too expensive. Marketers swear by FB ads though and there are a few simple things to remember so that using it will be effective.

Study other ads on Facebook.  Find out which ones are effective enough to persuade people to click and emulate the structure of the ad. Good places to go to are the FB Adboard and Sponsored Stories.

Use the ad image as a call-to-action or use it to present a special offer. Take note that FB ads only allows 25 characters in the headline, 90 characters in the body, plus a 110×80 pixels picture so making the most out of every element is crucial.

Use Sponsored Story posts because they are cheaper. Use less than 90 characters to fit it in the ad space. Also, make sure that links redirect to the business website or to a YouTube video for the ad.

Finally, do split tests for every element of the ad including the body, the photo, and the headline. Also, test whether a sponsored story would work better than a regular ad. Change one thing at a time for adjustments.

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