Google wants SEO to prioritize user experience

With the integration of a new search algorithm, Google continues to hammer one message to search engine optimization campaigns: focus on high-quality content!

The biggest search engine in the world has installed a new algorithm that targets webspam. According to Google reps, it will prevent sites from “gaming” their search engine. Instead, sites need to focus on improving user experience to gain ground in search engine results pages.

Matt Cutts, one of the leading developers in Google, specifically said that the new algorithm will target keyword stuffing and link farming. These sneaky SEO tactics will now be met with appropriate penalties in their rankings.

Cutts also mentioned that relevance will play a central role in Google’s search functions. The company wants user-conducted searches to result in relevant topics. This will hurt SEO campaigns that have tried to manipulate the system in their favor.

Keywords have always been essential parts of content marketing campaigns, and it still is. However, Google has placed safeguards to make sure that the system isn’t open to abuse.

In the past, overly optimized sites dominated the rankings. But with the help of the new algorithm, user experience-focused sites will get a boost in the rankings.

The new algorithm will definitely have a positive effect for users and browsers. However, it may get mixed reviews from SEO campaigners.

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