Hilton Welcomes the Sons of Italy

Sons of Italy

Catch the Sons of Italy on August 18, 2012 at the Hilton Garden room for encouraging seminars and uplifting activities by this fraternal organization of Canadians of Italian heritage. Program starts at 1pm through 4pm.

The Order Sons of Italy gives service to people by giving assistance to the less fortunate, sick, and disabled through providing financial support and housing programs. On the other note, the members of the organization promote and preserve the Italian language, culture, and traditions of their country.

In case you wanted to be a member of the organization, you need to be an Italian of good character, and your citizenship should be by birth or descent. You must believe in the fundamental concept that society is grounded from the principles of law and order and further, you must adhere to a form of government that is based upon the belief of God. Your viewpoint should also be on the equality of every person.

To register to the event in Hilton Garden, feel free to call 603-964-4184.


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