Holding Successful Facebook Contests

FacebookFacebook contests are effective means of generating buzz around a brand. It not only encourages conversations but it also encourages more people to like a company’s page. However, there is more to holding this type of event than what meets the eye. Brands can’t just give away iPads for liking a photo or a status update.

The first thing to remember is to follow Facebook’s guidelines when it comes to holding contests. This includes the following:

  • Promote contests through a Page App or Canvas Page
  • Release a statement that Facebook is not sponsoring, administering, nor endorsing the contest. Brands must also disclose that entrants are giving their information to the company and not to Facebook.
  • Liking posts, uploading a photo to the brand’s walls, or leaving a comment cannot be used as entry validation.
  • Winners must be noted outside of Facebook’s channels.

Secondly, companies must find a third party app to run their contest on Facebook. Remember to pick one that is customizable, is embeddable on the brand’s website, and has mobile capabilities.

Third, offer a prize that fits the brand’s products and/or services. Instead of giving away unrelated items, use one of the company’s products or provide one month of its service as a prize.

Finally, be sure to promote across all the platforms that a brand uses online. This includes Twitter, Google+, its website, and its blog. This way, more people will learn about the contest and will join it.

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