How do teenagers use different social media sites?

Social MediaMost teenagers are familiar with social media. In fact, the platform plays a big role in their lives.

Recently, NPR’s Sami Yenigun sat down with teenagers to discuss how they use social media—exploring which sites they use and what they use it for.

In brief, here are some of Yenigun’s findings:

Facebook is for reconnecting with old friends and arranging parties. However, one of the teenagers cautioned that arranging parties through Facebook means getting the attention of local authorities. Often times, wild parties that were arranged via Facebook are busted by police.

Twitter is primarily used for personal expression. Teenagers usually use the micro-blogging site to vent their feelings.

Teenagers use Vine to publish, watch, and refer short videos.

Instagram is like an autobiography platform. Teenagers use the photo-sharing site to share their daily experiences.

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