How does social media coverage affect the US Presidential Elections?

Social media sites, like Twitter, are playing an integral role in the upcoming US Presidential Elections.

Come the first presidential debate of the year, voters will surely be flooding social media sites with comments and reactions. To top it off, the debate will be broadcasted on YouTube for the first time in history.

Analysts from the Democratic and Republican camps have expressed their amazement in how social media shapes an election. Information travels much faster. And the platform also offers voters real-time connection with their favored candidates.

However, the question remains: could it swing votes? Will Tweets and blog posts regarding the debate make a difference in the polls?

Based on reports, social media posts are unlikely to swing votes. At best, it magnifies its already gigantic press and media coverage.

As of last count, Barack Obama was outperforming Mitt Romney in the social media election battlefield. The current US President set a record-making 55,000 Tweets per minute during his speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Source: cfnews13

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