How to Make Your Tweets Stand Out

twitterUsing Twitter as a social media marketing tool has proven to be very effective for many businesses. With millions of users signing every day, this platform is great resource for generating leads and traffic. Twitter marketing however, can only be effective if a brand’s tweets are able to stand out from the others. Below are some things to remember:

  • Original tweets get noticed more. Avoid using article titles for tweets. As much as possible, use creative titles that give an idea on what the article is about.
  • Tweet shorter. Long tweets rarely get noticed so be sure to say what needs to be said in as much as few characters as possible. Don’t forget to be witty or funny as well.
  • Identify the time/s when that brand’s followers are online so that they will be able to see the tweets.
  • Use though provoking ideas to spark conversations. Respond to replies as quickly as possible to make users feel appreciated and to foster engagement.
  • Use links strategically. Create teaser content and then insert links that users can click on to get to the full-blown article.
  • Provide valuable information to followers. This may include relevant facts, news, or even statistics.

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