Importance of Social Media Buttons

SMMHaving a website and going social go hand in hand for a successful online marketing campaign. The truth is a lot of traffic can be generated from social networks. This is why installing social media buttons is a must for any brand.

Giving the audience the opportunity to share a brand’s content is useful for attracting inbound traffic. Here’s the thing: when a visitor hits a share button, the URL to the post gets displayed on their newsfeed and the people in their network can share, like, or comment on it as well as follow the click through link.

In addition, this option is also free so there is no reason not to include social media buttons on a website.

According to Lee Jackson, it is important to display social feeds (Twitter, blog RSS, Facebook Like Box etc.), a link to the blog and RSS feed, links to each social profile, and share buttons to a brand’s website.

He also added that “‘Pin it’ Pinterest buttons, and also features like the Twitter ‘Tweet this page’ and ‘Follow us” can also be added.

The bottom line is to determine your social goals, and then design the pages as to not look cluttered,” Jackson explained.

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