Importance of Volume in SMM

SMMIt is undeniable that publishing relevant content on social media attracts a brand’s target audience. However, the underlying question is “What makes them stay?” The answer is frequency or the number of posts a brand published.

Some marketers have argued that capping the amount of content to be pushed on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter is necessary to achieve the highest engagement rate for each post. According to research, 1 to 4 posts on Facebook per day is enough and more than 20 tweets per day are too many.

The numbers above are based on the premise of scarcity as the prime value—which bears a striking resemblance to the concept applied to traditional advertising. The truth is, no one can predict how an audience will react to a post and to increase the probability of engagement per post, the way to go is to publish more.

Providing valuable content will always be on the plate but some people forget about the importance of volume (and possibly timing).

The key to engaging with customers is being there when they log-in in as much as the posts will appear at the top of their newsfeeds.

Publishing up to 8 and even 10 posts per day on Facebook is okay and will even lead to better and more engagement given that the posts are relevant. Posting up to 22 tweets is helpful to stay visible against all the noise on Twitter.

At the end of the day, it is not just relevance that will make a social marketing strategy successful. It must be paired with volume as well to ensure that maximum engagement is achieved.

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