Improving LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedInEstablishing presence on LinkedIn can mean more business opportunities for brand owners. Aside from being a great networking and recruitment site, it also acts as a platform to acquire more customers for companies. This is not surprising since there are over 200 million registered users on this site.

Here are some ways to improve a brand’s marketing on LinkedIn:

  • Become an active user through posting targeted status updates, using slide presentations, promoting products and services, creating brand ambassadors from employees, customizing a company’s page, and building an audience of followers.
  • Join groups and participate in conversations; become a part of community building on the website.
  • Share valuable content like blogs, images, videos, and links that the audience will most likely want to share.
  • Engage with the people in the brand’s network through encouraging them to share and like content.
  • Create groups that can establish the brand owner as a leader in the industry. Not only does this develop relationships through interactions but can also potentially generate interest and inquiries about a company’s services.
  • Monitor the brand’s performance on the sight including the number of followers, the number of people joining the brand’s group, how often posts are being shared, level of engagement through comments, discussions and polls, number of clicks through the brand’s website, the number of leads, and the conversions achieved.

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