Indian government tries to censor Tweets

India’s government is ramping up its efforts to regulate social media. After working with Facebook and Google for content censorship, it is now in talks with Twitter.

Based on reports, the government has already presented censorship demands to the micro-blogging site. Unless Twitter agrees to the demands, the Indian government says that the site may face legal action.

According to the Times of India: “A senior government official has said that Twitter has already been told that legal action may be taken against it as it had failed to cooperate with the Indian government in its efforts to find the source of and curtail the inflammatory messages against northeast citizens.”

The requests for censorship come after India accused Pakistan of spreading threats across social media platforms after the recent violent incident between Muslims and indigenous communities that occurred in northeast India.

Based on reports, the violence prompted the Indian government to block over 150 sites and restrict SMS over the weekend. On Monday, it blocked more than 200 sites.

The rationale behind the government’s behavior is simple: it wants to prevent coercive messages that can, potentially, cause more violence.

A report from The Wall Street Journal explained that Facebook and Google are already working with the Indian government to filter coercive messages.

As for Twitter, it has yet to respond regarding the implementation of these censorship rules. In the past, the site said that it is willing to remove Tweets at a country-by-country basis, depending on the local restrictions.

Source: CNET News

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