Instagram presents growth prospects for internet marketers

InstagramInstagram, the photo-sharing site, has been touted as a goldmine for marketers and brands.

In the past months, tools have been crafted to help evaluate marketing campaigns in the popular social media site. Nitrogram, for instance, helps analyze and evaluate strategies on Instagram.

Photos present opportunities of engagement between consumers and brands. And engagement has top-value in the world of internet marketing.

Currently, Nitrogram has landed 10 of the leading brands on Instagram. Its clients have confirmed a weekly upper-base growth of around 20 percent. The significant growth presents prospects for brands to diversify online marketing approaches with visually-oriented content on sites like Instagram as well as Pinterest.

For its part, Nitrogram offers: analytics on activity, reach, and engagement, performance metrics, creation of photo galleries and Facebook integration, and in-depth monthly reports.

Instagram gives brands a chance to reach consumers on a more casual level—giving them a chance to become a part of the day-to-day life of the brand.

Source: Brafton

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